Winter Spring Cleaning

In the modern world, people haven’t got used to looking after their clothes, considering how quickly and simply they can buy a new thing. There is a lot of styles, a relatively adequate price, and an ever-changing fashion. However, if you are the owner of high-quality and costly clothing, then you should have some knowledge about the best way to clean musty winter clothes and put them into practice.

There are several tips from on how to clean up your clothes properly from, how to knock into shape at the end of the winter, and how to store your clothes, so to extend the use more than for one season.

  •    Down jacket.

It is quite easy to keep a down jacket in a warm time since the materials from which this outerwear is usually made, does not require special treatment and is unpretentious to storage conditions. Besides, such things become dirty less often, it is much easier to clean them in comparison to clothes made of fur or leather. Check the down jacket for stains, especially the sleeves, the collar, the lower back and the places that are most often in contact with the surrounding world. You will necessarily find something to clean. Before putting the down jacket into the closet, take care of the presence of a hanger and a special cover for storing outerwear since without them your down jacket will not keep clean and have an adequate odor. Why do clothes have an odor after hanging in closet all winter? The most common reason for an unpleasant odor is mold that appears in the places where there is something wet and lack of air circulation. So, should you dry clean all your winter clothes at the end of winter? Yes, if you want to avoid an origin of any signs of mold or fungus.

  •    Leather clothing.

Leather clothing is more fastidious than down jackets. Before putting the leather jacket into the closet, you need to wipe it with a towel dipped in a warm soapy solution and then rub it with a dry cloth. If you have enough time, then you can use glycerin, it will brighten the leather and keep it in a clean and well-maintained condition. After cleaning the leather thing, it must be hung in a closet or any other dark place with a low temperature. Pay attention that leather things should not be better hung with other outerwear. If there is something next to it, made of artificial and tinted materials, then the natural leather can get out of order. Therefore, don’t forget at least about a cover for this outerwear.

  •    Coat.

A coat that is made from natural materials, such as cashmere, is very capricious. You should store this coat on a wide coat hanger to avoid deformation. So, just pack your coat in the cover, after having cleaned it. Some problems may arise with the cleaning of the coat since you cannot just wash it, and if you rub it with a moist cloth, it will not bring any effect. Besides, improper cleaning can lead to the formation of fluffs. There is only one way out, you should use a dry cleaning. The more careful you will be with your clothes, the longer you will be able to wear it, so, don’t save on a good dry cleaning.

  •    Fur clothing.

Fur things are the most capricious items of clothing. For their comfortable storage, you need not only to provide cleaning but also a special place in your apartment. Ideally, the fur is stored in specially equipped refrigerators, but everybody understands how it sounds. Therefore, you should better choose a place that is just darker and cooler, but do not put a fur coat in the fridge, don’t be ridiculous. Nonetheless, anyway, as they say, “He laughs best who laughs last.” So, do not neglect the conditions of storage. It is best to clean the fur coat in a dry cleaner, and then hang it on wide coat hangers in a dark closet.