Online Shopping

For all you fashionistas who are frustated seeing people in the same clothing you buy from chains like Edgars, Truworths etc… you HAVE to try online shopping.
My favourite site is a UK one –
You can also try, and
I love Asos cos their styles are awesome, there is free worldwide delivery and the prices are AFFORDABLE.
The only thing you need to be aware of is customs. This can be anywhere from 0% – 70% of your order. It’s totally random!

The thing that puts most people off online shopping is the sizing issue.
Asos has an excellent guide- you measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips and match those measurements to a size. I’ve rarely had trouble with sizes, but if I’m in doubt I buy a size up and get it tailored.

The process goes like this:
1. Go to the site (
2. I usually go to “Women” and then to “Sale” – since there’s always stuff on sale. You can also search under the item of clothing you want – dresses, skirts etc.
3. Filter under price. Personally, i don’t like spending more than 30 pounds (R350ish) on a dress and 15 pounds on a t shirt. I bear in mind that I may have to add in customs.
4. Add products you want to your basket.
5. On checkout, you will have to register an account and provide your credit card details. Super safe, don’t worry.
6. Your order should take 3 weeks or so to get here. Asos are super good with service and if your order doesn’t arrive in a month you can pop them a mail and they’ll send you a NEW order- no questions asked. Often I’ve ended up with 2 of the same product, ‘cos the original one arrives a bit later.
7. You’ll get a slip from the Post Office with the amount you need to pay for customs. All you do is take that slip with your ID book to the post office, and you’ll get your order!

I always get loads of compliments whenever I wear my Asos stuff. Here are a few products I have purchased.
Image 1 of ASOS Sleeveless Dress with Asymmetric Neck
20 pounds

Image 1 of ASOS Pleated Skirt Mac
36 pounds- 100% cotton

Image 1 of ASOS Abstract Frill Front Top
10 pounds