Incredible India!

I visited India about 2 years ago.


You can’t beat the value there. You can have a luxurious 5 star holiday that costs next to nothing. Everything is so cheap there! However, where there are ups, there must be downs.

1. It is filthy. You need to wear closed shoes at all times.
2. It is crazy. It’s a mix of people, cows, cars all trying to share one street.
3. It’s real. It’s unpretentious, but the poverty can be a bit shocking and disturbing. The beggars are alot more invasive than they are in SA.

Go with an open mind, and you’ll have an awesome time.

We went to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Goa.

How to book:
I always like getting quotes from travel agents, then checking to see if I can get the same thing cheaper by booking myself. I usually can. So on this trip, I booked our international flight through Emirates ( – really good service, great food on the plane, but you need to stopover in Dubai. The Dubai airport is amazing! All the shops are open 24 hours. Local flights in India can be booked on Spice Jet ( or Kingfisher (

Then, you need a car to move around. Taxi’s are available but it’s better if you have your own car at your disposal- this usually works out pretty cheaply.
An excellent travel agent, based in India is – they come highly recommended by me and also offer competitive prices. They have branches all over India so there will be a representative in each city you visit.

There is lots of sightseeing to be done here (houses of Parliament, monuments, temples) and there is also lots of shopping! The restaurants are great, there are clubs and malls… you can really have a party. We stayed at the Hyatt and it was super fancy and not badly priced!

Beautiful. It is known as the “pink city”. There are lots of markets where you can shop, beautiful parks that you can visit, and also plenty of monuments. You can ride an elephant up to a fort- really cool experience.

The Taj Mahal. Need I say more? It is truly breathtaking when you see it in real life. I felt the same when I saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Christ Redeemer in Rio. There isn’t much to do in Agra except see the Taj,  but that alone warrants a trip there. I wouldn’t recommend longer than a night there.

There are some stunning resorts here, and the beach is also beautiful. We went to a club and loved it! It’s definitely the best party city in India.


There is no Visa requirement for South Africans, flights are around R5-R6k, and you can estimate around R700 pp per night for a 5 star hotel. All in all a wonderful experience. I think everyone should go to India once in their lifetime 🙂

Happy weekend all!

x H