Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary

I know I’ve been blogging alot about Hartbeespoort lately, it’s just coincidental that I’ve been going there pretty often.
The day after my birthday we went to the Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary, in Harties.
It’s a lush forest, where small monkeys are “dehumanised”. 95% of the monkeys come from homes, and when they get too big, people discard them at the Sanctuary.
I am livid at the thought of so many people buying animals when they are small, and then getting tired of them as they get bigger.

Entrance at the Sanctuary is R190, and you get a 1.5 hour guided walk through the forest. Lots of the monkeys jump on you or try to unzip your handbag- that’s just what they’re used to. It’s amazing how clever they are!

The forest is beautiful, and it’s almost like going on a hike somewhere, with an abundance of furry creatures  🙂

Highly recommended for a fun day out.