Lindt Chocolate Appreciation Workshop

Know when you have an idea, send an email out inviting your friends to invite their friends, and thereby gather a group?
We had 12 people sign up for a Lindt Chocolate Appreciation Workshop at Design Quarter. I battled the 5pm traffic all the way from the CBD to Fourways yesterday, and it was sooo worth it.
For all the chocoholics out there- you HAVE to go. There’s one in Cape Quarter in CT too 🙂

First of all, the studio is amazing. There’s Lindt EVERYWHERE. Lots of it is on special too.
We were greeted with a yummy lindt iced latte while we milled about and swooned over Lindt truffles, Lindor balls, and lots more- a feast for the eyes!
They actually do courses where you can learn to make desserts/ truffles etc- those require a lot more time and are more expensive too. Check it out at

 The Studio

Our welcome drinks

Truffles! YUM

Once everyone had arrived, we went into the actual studio, and we were introduced to Kevin, the head “chocolatier” – dream job alert! He is quite a hotty too 😛

We each had a tasting plate in front of us- it took every bit of restraint I had not to immediately start tasting (read gorging) everything on it.

We learnt about how chocolate is harvested, how it’s made, and how the different varieties come about.
Did you know that the “Intense Orange” is the best selling Excellence Bar in SA?
Not my favourite!
We also learnt how to identify good chocolate with all 5 senses:
– touch (a good milk/white chocolate should melt in your fingers quickly)
– smell (you should be able to smell the “flavour” of whatever chocolate you have
– hear (the choc should make a crisp snapping sound when broken)
– sight (it should have a monotone glossy colour)
– taste (er, this one needs no explanation!)

We then got given 3 Lindor balls on a stick, and we were able to decorate these any way we wanted. There were 2 bowls of dark and white chocolate, nuts and shaved chocolate for us to to get creative with. Mine are waiting for me at home (*salivates at the thought*)

It was a tad expensive at R200 a person-  we only really got what was on the tasting plate + the 3 lindor balls above, and the lecture.
I also wish it could have been more interactive, after a full day of work + traffic the last thing I wanted to do was listen to a lecture, even one on chocolate!
That said, I’m always game for something fun and different and this took the edge off the week… so I still recommend it 🙂
Happy Wednesday!