Brutal Fruit Glam Camp!

When an event is “invite only”, it makes people want to go even more. Especially when it’s a huge scale event and you can’t buy tickets, only win them.

For weeks now, Twitter has been abuzz with news of Brutal Fruit’s Glam Camp- camping done glam style, with workshops on every topic a girl would need- hair and beauty, finance, cars, gardening, DIY, cooking AND fashion.
I tried entering everytime I came across a competition, and I managed to get tickets for myself + 3 friends on Saturday. What a blast!

It was held at Casalinga at Muldersdrift and I was just blown away from start to finish.
We arrived, registered, and were given goodie bags by boy scouts that were dressed in the cutest outfits! I got such a kick out of seeing these boy scouts run and shout war cries- much to my friends’ amusement 🙂

We walked to the camp site, and even though there were close to 1000 people there, there were plenty of coffee stands and a whole tent filled with yummy breakfast.

I take my hat off to the event planners for the day. It is so easy to screw up a large event but there was food in abundance, plenty of seating and just loads of space in general.

The main tent was SPECTACULAR. It was camping done the girly way. There were chandeliers, flowers and cute decor items. Best of all, everything was PINK 🙂

We got treated to a fashion show hosted by Poppy from 5fm, and then went off to the different workshops.
In between there were massages done by The Pyramid Day Spa (note, exciting competition from them coming up tomorrow), and nails done by Sorbet.
EVERYTHING was free! We weren’t left wanting for everything. Even the porta-loo’s were cleaned constantly and were left spotless.

The speakers were all really good and experts in their various fields. I liked that the sessions were short and punchy, so we weren’t bored at all. I learnt about how to declutter my life, how to deal with a hijacker, tips on DIY and entertaining, how to do a cool up style that takes minutes, and so much more. Most of all, it was much needed girl time with my BFFs! 🙂
So well done to Brutal Fruit for hosting an amazing event that I am certain left an impact on every single girl who was lucky enough to attend.
Can’t wait till next year’s Glam Camp!
xo xo