Mauritius- Day 3 and 4

We had a tour of the South planned for Day 3. We started off by visiting a ship model factory. I was amazed at how hard the people have to work. It takes days to make a ship, and they can’t even sell them for that much.

 Lady doing embroidery on the sails

Intricate woodwork 
 The finished products
After that, we went to see a dormant volcano that looked more like a forest!
It was then onto Grand Bassin, a sacred lake. There is a temple there, as well as some Hindu deities. The 2nd largest statue of Shiva in the world is also situated there.

Next stop was Black River Gorges- a stunning viewpoint over a mountain range. It reminded me alot of God’s Window in Mpumalanga.
Last stop was Chamarel- the 7 colours of the earth. Sand from all over Mauritius was gathered and it looks so beautiful once it is all put together.
There were also giant tortises there- having lots of fun, as you can see! 😉

Day 4 was very chilled- we just spent time at the resort, had a massage, read and relaxed.
It was pure bliss. The staff are so hard working. I especially felt for the ones who had to work in the garden in the scorching heat. They are all really friendly and always greeted and smiled whenever we met.

Collecting flowers to decorate the rooms.

We ended off the day with a boat ride- here is one last pic of the view.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about our final and my favourite day. We toured the East Coast of Mauritius and went to all the tiny islands surrounding it.
Stay tuned for that 🙂
Happy Tuesday all!