The Pudding Shop at La Cucina De Ciro

La Cucina Di Ciro in Parktown North is one of those restaurants that everyone else loves except me.

I should make a disclaimer here (which I probably should have told you before). I only eat boneless chicken- no red meat and no chicken on the bone. So that limits my choices at restaurants. My friends always give me a hard time about it- like how can I be passionate about food and write food reviews when I’m so fussy about what I eat etc etc.
It’s not a religious thing, it’s a personal decision I made more than 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I don’t like the taste of meat and I doubt I ever will.

Anyway! After that digression… I’d been to La Cucina a couple of times for breakfasts and dinners and I wasn’t blown away. This may be because there was very little on the menu that met my dietary requirements. However, they’ve recently added on an extension at the back of the restaurant- it’s a courtyard and it’s a separate restaurant called The Pudding Shop. It’s lovely 🙂

 La Cucina Di Ciro
Entrance to the Pudding Shop

The decor is light, funky and different. Think lime green chairs, lumo pink table runners and feature walls.

The biscuit table 🙂

French toast!

The familia- from left, brother Vijay, sister Ela and brother in law Hament

I heart both these walls
On the menu, you can expect to see different things like herbed pancakes, hot crumpets with berry compote, porcini mushrooms with scrambled eggs on wholewheat crostini and quite a bit more. This isn’t your usual breakfast menu at all.

Skinny cap and a biscuit- is there any better way to start a morning?