Restylane skincare

Along with the home teeth whitening kit, Anjana from the Jade Lotus blog also sent me some Restylane skincare to review. I’d been meaning to test it for a while, but after I saw the blog post on Vanilla Blonde about it, as well as Anjana’s post, I realised that I’m obviously missing out so I’d better get testing!

I don’t spend much money on my skin at all, I use Olay gentle cleansing face wash and Olay lotion,which I’ve been using all my life. I don’t have very problematic skin, but it does tend to have some dry patches so I’m considering changing products.

Restylane was such a nice surprise. Usually when you see products that have plain, white packaging, you expect it to smell quite clinical. This smells delicious! Like cucumbers or melons.

The facial cleanser foams up quite easily so you only need to use a really tiny amount. I noticed that it didn’t remove eye makeup that well, but the brochure does say that you need to use an eye makeup remover first for best results.

The day cream is really thin and easily absorbed. In my experience, thin creams don’t moisturize well but I haven’t had any dry patches using this. It’s suitable for all skin types and they promise that regular use will increase the hydration, smoothness and beauty of your skin.

The night cream has high doses of active ingredients that reduce inflammatory processes in the skin- that’s considered to be the main culprit in causing ageing processes. 

Previously, I didn’t use any night cream and I have noticed that my skin feels alot more nourished now. It looks healthier as well- and this is just after 3 days of using it. 

Using these products was a great experience, so I’m going to weigh this up against other popular skincare products like Clinique and Clarins, and then I’ll decide what I’m going to “upgrade” to!