Ant Cafe- Melville

With all the studying I’ve been doing, my restaurant visits have been limited lately 🙁
I did pop out to Ant Cafe in Melville earlier this week for one of their delicious pizzas.

I don’t hang out in Melville much anymore. I think that I spent ALL my time there during varsity and I have too many drunken memories there, so it isn’t really somewhere I want to explore now. It’s targeted to students I think, and most of the places are kind of grungy.

I like rustic restaurants like The Attic and Possums in Parkhurst, but some of Melville’s hangouts are just DIRTY.

That said, I do love Ant Cafe. It’s on 7th street, and they have the BEST pizzas (okay, after Col’Cacchio). The crust is super thin and crispy, and on Mondays they have a special where all large pizzas are R45.

The inside is really dark and kind of romantic 🙂

They also have an outdoor patio- great for sunny afternoons

I’d say give it a try, if you’re not OCD about everything being neat and spotless…