Blog Business Cards

I was sooo excited yesterday, because my blog business cards arrived!
Why do I need blog business cards you ask?
Well, I’ve been trying really hard to get my blog “out there” and part of that is networking. I’ve had to get over my fears and introduce myself to people, be it in person/ over Twitter or over email. I asked successful bloggers like Kim Gray, Style Scoop and Simply Delicious if they had blog business cards and they ALL said yes.

The aim of my blog isn’t and has never been to make money, I just want to build a network of people who are involved in things I love, so I can experience more and learn about different things, which I can then blog about.

However, these people need to take me seriously and it’s a little awkward to hand out my “day job” business card to people, so I thought I had to get a proper logo and have blog business cards made.

Gorgeous, right?!
I got them done by Wexford Corporate Design Studio– they do design, printing and marketing and can do virtually ANYTHING in the print and design world including signage, printing of business cards/ brochures, diaries, corporate gifts and even engraving.
I loved working with them because their motto is “100% no less. No job is too big or small for the team at Wexford”. Even though I was just printing business cards, they understood that I wanted them to be perfect and we went back and forth till I was completely happy. They’re also really efficient, I got responses back immediately after I sent changes through.
So if you want to take your blog, or even business, to the “next level”, contact 🙂