Cettua Skincare

I was recently introduced to the Cettua skincare range. It’s hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested and its designed specifically for a younger skin in mind. Now I may be a bit over the hill so I wasn’t sure if this product is right for me specifically, but I gave it a try and I love!

I don’t believe that you need to spend a fortune on your skin. I’ve used Olay on my face for years and I’ve had no issues. When you pay R300-R400 for a moisturiser, you should realise that you’re subsidising the fancy packaging and their huge marketing campaign. Cettua products are affordable and you can find them at Clicks. It seems they have identified the skin issues younger women have, and developed products to target these issues.

They offer various face masks which retail for around R50 for 2-3 masks. Among others, there’s a “Bright Face Mate” which reduces dark circles, a “1 Minute Spa Cleansing Mask” which pampers and gives you that spa feel and an “After Night Fever” mask which revitalises the skin. I tried out the last one after a long day of studying (not so much partying) and I felt so refreshed after using it. My skin felt brighter and I was definitely more awake!

In addition to the face masks, they also do a series of “patches” or strips which you can use on your nose, eyes, or on a problematic area on your face- perhaps where you have a breakout.

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