Gary Rom Hair Makeover

Gary Rom Hairdressing is currently running a competition where they give some of their Facebook fans a chance to win a Style Makeover. I was lucky enough to win one of these, so earlier this week I headed over to Gary Rom in Brooklyn for my makeover.

I found out that Gary Rom himself would be doing my hair- how exciting!
It was really unlike ANY other hair salon experience I’ve ever had.

We started off with a consultation. Now, usually my consultations are 5 mins in front of the mirror with the stylist and it usually goes something like this:

Her: “So what are we doing today?”
Me: “Er, I’m not really sure, maybe a trim and some layers?”
Her: “Okay, how about a colour shampoo to give you some lift?”
Me: “How much does that cost?”
Her: “R495”
Me: “It’s okay, I can do without the lift. Just a cut is fine”

Not with Gary. This was a full THIRTY minute consultation. You’re probably wondering what we spoke about for 30 minutes. He asked me things like whether I have kids, if I like to blend in or stand out in a room of people and how much spare time I have. He also considered my body shape and height, as well as the colour history of my hair.
His view is that all these factors contribute to the type of haircut you should have. Like if you have a 6 month old baby, it’s pointless giving you a haircut that takes 25 minutes to style because you won’t be able to manage it. Also, he WON’T colour your hair if your hair is not in a suitable condition. Quite a change from most hair salons who try to push colour just because its expensive.

We then did a 7 step evaluation where he gave each of the below factors a rating out of 10. This is entered onto their software system so that it is on record no matter which salon you go to. He rated my scalp, the “design” of my hair, the integrity (or quality) of my hair, the products I use at home, colour, liquid protection (like GHD thermal control spray) and lastly, the hard tools I use (like the GHD).

I loved how holistic his approach was, and it gave me a lot more comfort that he would do what was best for my hair.
So this was my hair pre-Gary (GHD’d straight)


A little boring, right? 
I’ve had my hair short before and I didn’t like it. I actually want to grow my hair so that it’s longer and I can do pretty things like fishtail braids, curls etc. So we decided that we wouldn’t do much to the length, but we would add some colour, as well as a moisture treatment. I said that I feel my hair is quite thick and bulky- so he did what he calls a “cut out”, basically cutting sections of my hair so that it keeps its length but doesn’t go “big” on the days I leave it curly.
I then got taken to the “treatment” room. Forget sitting at a basin with the noise of hairdryers and gossip all around you- this is a closed off soundproof room where you lie on a bed have your hair washed and your head massaged.
We then chatted a bit about my colour. Gary wanted to put in red highlights, while I prefer brown. We tried on “colour capes” in gold and silver to see if I have a warm or cold skin tone. That determines if red or brown would look better on my hair.
By this point I was starving, and as if to read my mind, a stylist appeared with a complimentary menu. It consisted of cakes, salads and sandwiches which they got from their neighbour, Cappuccinos. Love that.

I was feeling alot better after that! On the colour, we decided to go with brown “panels” as opposed to the usual foil highlights, ‘cos Gary says those are just too common and panels looks better. We did a strand test, where we coloured a tiny piece of hair to see what it would look like. That didn’t take too well, so Gary went in with a shade lighter. We also added a “Polisher” to give my natural hair more of a shine. We then did a Kerastase Moisture Treatment and… Voila!
I LOVE it. It’s subtle enough to look natural, but it still makes an impact. My hair is also far shinier and softer compared to how it was before.
Gary told me that they only stock L’Oreal brands because they are the biggest haircare manufacturer in the world. Did you know that they own more than 500 brands, including Diesel and Polo!?! Wow. He said that supermarket products really don’t do anything for your hair, and he recommended that I purchase Kerastase products (which weren’t included in the makeover I won). I’ve heard that Kerastase is amazing, so I spent around R1200 on a shampoo and 2 conditioners (1 protein and 1 moisture). Apparently I only need to use a teeny tiny bit so hopefully it lasts! ALSO_ Gary offers a 14 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your products. So if you buy something, try it and hate the smell, you can return it for a full refund. He also wrote me a little “prescription note” so that I knew how to use each of my products.
I was really impressed with their ethic and service overall. Even though it is a bit of a strain on the wallet, I’ll definitely be back to touch up my colour. I totally believe in spending money where you get value for what you spend.
They still have loads more makeovers to give away, so if you haven’t entered yet, hurry!
Go to their Facebook page, here, for deets.