Maybe I’m not as much of a fashionista as I thought…

One of my favourite online shopping stores, Diligo, conceptualised a great competition where they invited readers to submit a picture or drawing of a dress they’d like to see on the site. They would then choose finalists and get their Facebook fans to vote for the best dress, which they’d produce for sale on the site. The winner would get the dress delivered to them for free. When I saw this competition, I immediately thought of a Victoria Beckham design that I’ve been lusting after but have yet to see in ANY store.. so I sent them this pic.

Stunning, hey??! It would look as good in any colour. Peplum is so on trend this season.
I did manage to find a peplum dress on but I’m STILL waiting for it to arrive. However, it’s not as “peplum-y” as the above. Read here to see that dress.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has made it to the top 4. Now I’m really not being a b*tch and I would totally say so if I liked the other dresses, but I don’t. Not one of them.
The first and second one look like something that you’d find in the Kelso section at Edgars and would subsequently see on 5 other girls at the office. I have bought Kelso plenty of times but the fact that it’s SO mass produced just puts me off.

The third one is definitely unique, but it’s too “out there” for my taste. Like you could only wear it once and that’s it. Maybe I’m just not fashion forward enough. I also think it will only look good on a really tiny skinny person.

And then there’s my choice, classic and gorgeous 😉 It seems that option 3 is getting the most votes so far. Shock and horror.

Am I being a prude? Do I have no fashion sense at all??? Let me know what you think… and if you’d like to vote for your favourite dress, go here (only if you plan to vote for mine :P)