Day 2 at Indigo Bay, Mozambique

If you missed the post on Day 1 of our magical island holiday, click here.

There’s something so idyllic about waking up to the sound of the ocean. It just makes me more depressed about living in the concrete jungle that is Jozi. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here, but I do miss seeing natural beauty- most of my days are spent on the highway/ in an office. When you open your eyes and the first thing you hear and see is the ocean, it immediately calms you and puts you in a good mood!

I started reading “the Night Circus” on Friday and by Saturday I had already gotten through quite a lot of it. It’s a dreamy story about an enchanter’s daughter and a sorcerer’s apprentice who fall in love. So most of Saturday was spent reading this over coffee, then cocktails, then in the hammock 🙂

We attempted swimming in the pool and the ocean, but despite the weather being around 27/28 degrees, the water was freezing! The pool is an infinity pool, so you kind of feel like you can swim out of the pool and into the ocean straight away 🙂 The resort is small- there couldn’t have been more than 30 people there when we arrived, so you get complete exclusivity. There’s no pushing at the bar or fighting over beach chairs. The pool below is also “adults only”- no, there’s nothing dodgy that goes on there 😉 – it’s just so that the adults can have some peace and quiet.

Next, it was time to get treated at the spa. Our package included a 15 minute massage, but we got upgraded to a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage.

We took a 5 minute golf cart ride from reception to the spa. It’s higher than the rest of the resort, so you get panoramic views that are simply spectacular.

Our massages were heavenly, and set the perfect tone for the rest of the day. We planned to have lunch, and then go dune boarding. If you’ve been to Dubai, you would have most likely done the 4×4 ride over the sand dunes. The island that Indigo Bay is on (Bazaruto) is only 37km long and 7km wide, and there are sand dunes at the end of the island, so you can go horse riding along these and partake in an activity called “dune boarding”, where you slide down the dunes on a surfboard of sorts! The plan was to have drinks there and watch the sun go down 🙂

The sunsets from the dunes were also breathtaking….

Before I knew it, it was getting dark and we drove back to the lodge and got ready for dinner. I was really looking forward to it as the resort had a beach braai planned. I loved the vibe of the dinner. There was a long table of cold starters, and then we were able to walk barefoot onto the beach, where the braai was in full swing!

I had crayfish and chicken, but I was holding out for the desserts- they looked amazing!

Obviously I could not decide what to eat, so I tried a bit of everything 🙂 Before you look at me with disdain, the plate below was for hubby AND I 🙂

And that was the end of our perfect day…

Tune in tomorrow for the final instalment of our weekend at Indigo Bay.
To find out more about Indigo Bay, visit their website-, email or phone 011 658 0633