I caught a glimpse of paradise this weekend…

I’ve been blogging about my much anticipated trip to Indigo Bay, Mozambique for a while now, and the weekend I’d been eagerly awaiting finally arrived.
Let’s just say it surpassed all of my (already high!) expectations. After visiting Mauritius, I thought that no other island holiday could even come close, but I am happy to say that the rooms and dining experience at Indigo Bay far exceed that of Mauritius.

Because I want to do the resort justice, I will be writing blog posts for each day I spent there so you guys can get a real feel of what it was like.

We woke up early on Friday morning and headed to OR Tambo to check in on our FedAir flight. Before booking this holiday, I had no idea FedAir even existed. They operate chartered flights to alot of the lodges at Kruger, as well as to Vilanculos. I know it sounds expensive, but they have budget rates that are really affordable. I wish I had known this before putting myself through a 5 hour drive to Kruger a few years back!

Once we arrived at the check in counter, we were told that we were the only 2 people on the flight, and we’d be flying on a small 8 seater plane. I didn’t know whether to be nervous or excited, but my adventurous spirit took over and I was really looking forward to the experience. Unfortunately our flight was delayed by an hour due to bad weather. With FedAir there was no waiting at the boarding gate- we got to shop around because the check in assistant took down our cell phone numbers and said she would call us when we had to board. Such great service, I felt like a VIP.

We drove to the plane and my excitement grew, as I started feeling more and more like I was an actress on a private jet! We had the whole plane to ourselves, and it was decked out in the most gorgeous cream leather with mahogany finishes.

We arrived at Vilanculos after a pleasant 2 hour flight that was alot less bumpy than I imagined! The airport was modern and clean. We waited about 15 minutes before boarding our next flight to Indigo Bay. It is a 10-15 minute flight and the views are beautiful.

Finally, we arrived at Indigo Bay. It’s pretty cool for a resort to have its own runway I think 🙂 Upon arrival, the general manager himself greeted us and we sat down to some welcome drinks as we filled in the usual check in forms.

We then took a walk down a beautiful pathway fenced with trees to our room.

Now you guys know that I’m not particularly keen on thatch anything, and I definitely don’t do rustic. I was a teeny bit apprehensive as we were told we would be staying in a “beach chalet”, but as soon as I entered the room I had to stop myself from jumping in excitement. It was huge! Like, bigger than my first apartment. We had our own dressing room, MASSIVE bathroom with 2 showers (indoor and outdoor), a separate toilet, and a gigantic bath. The bed was king size, and we had a lounge area. There was also a balcony leading straight onto the beach, as well as our own personal hammock. The finishes were all modern and spotless.

And the below picture is me literally standing outside the room- what a view!

After alot of oohing and aahing over the room, we were ravenous and headed to lunch. It was already past 3 and we were told that lunch ends at 3, but you’d be completely mistaken if you were to assume that Indigo Bay would let their guests go hungry. The restaurant was open for us to enjoy, and this is just one small example of how the staff there will bend over backwards to do anything they can to make your stay enjoyable.

I overheard a gentleman at lunch whose bag had gotten lost en route to Mozambique. They had actually managed to source some clothes for him to borrow during his stay!

Lunch served in Club Navale, one of 2 restaurants at Indigo Bay. It is a beach restaurant and bar of sorts. The food was yummy and the views breathtaking. I had a cajun chicken and prawn prego roll.

Indigo Bay is an all inclusive resort, so the price you pay will cover all meals and drinks (apart from certain alcoholic beverages), as well as some activities. This is great, because once you pay that’s it- you won’t need to spend a cent more. We had plenty of cocktails and wine- all of which was in the “all inclusive” rate.

After lunch we decided to have a nap, and when we woke up the sun was setting! I was a bit disappointed that I spent the afternoon sleeping, but the sunset cheered me up. I’m slightly obsessed with sunsets- I’m that girl with her phone stretched out of the car window trying to take a photo while driving. The Mozambique sunset is by far the most breathtaking one I have ever seen. The sky was different shades of blue, orange and pink. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We spent some time chilling in the room and then went to the second restaurant for dinner. I was expecting the usual hotel buffet dinner, and I was SO pleased to see a 4 course dinner menu waiting for us. The service was impeccable and the food was as good as some of the best restaurants I’ve eaten at in Jozi.

Appetizer- cucumber and smoked salmon stack finished off with lemon chive oil splash

Starter- seared duo of sesame seed tuna gouljon and bean salad with avocado and citrus segment

Main- oven roasted teriyaki crayfish with a coriander cream cheese mashed potato and vegetable bundles
Dessert- chocolate and amarula strawberry cheese cake served with a strawberry port and cinnamon sugar glaze

Happy us 🙂

What a great start to our holiday, and it was only day 1! Tune in tomorrow to see what we got up to on Saturday 🙂

In the meantime, to read more about Indigo Bay go to http://www.raniresorts.com/ or call 011 658 0633.