I’m back!

I’m finally back after a gruelling couple of days that were spent studying. I’m so glad for normality to resume! I haven’t been anywhere cool recently as I’ve been in study hibernation, but here is a quick catch up on what’s been on my mind lately..

1. Woolies Vanilla Chai is the most delicious tea I have ever tasted. It satisfies all my sugar cravings and it was a great study companion.

Tea: Vanilla Chai, 80g

2. I’ve now lost 7kg on my diet since March, I am SO excited. I’m still not at my goal weight (about another 3-4kg to go), but it’s amazing how much of a difference shedding those few kg’s has made to my state of mind. I’m so much more comfortable with my body right now and I’m looking forward to trying out all the latest Winter fashion trends.

3. I finally bought myself a proper camera. I got the Nikon D5100, and I plan to start photography training very soon. This is something I’ve always been interested in but haven’t pursued till now, so look out for (hopefully) better photo’s from me!

4. Have you guys heard of 50 Shades of Grey? Apparently it’s a MUST read. I don’t know much about it apart from the fact that everyone’s tweeting/ talking about it and apparently it’s mills and boons porno like. Placing my order on Kalahari as I type 😉 Book review to follow soon 🙂

5. I’ll be going to Indigo Bay in Mozambique in 3 weeks’ time- absolutely CANNOT wait. I’ve checked out the weather and it looks like it will be mid-high twenties. I really need a holiday!

6. My new home love is home diffusers. They were launched a year or so ago and now they’re in most home stores. It’s basically an oil dispenser, with reeds that “diffuse” the smell throughout your home. The smell is long lasting and way more effective than any other product out there like air freshener or the like. I bought one from The Body Shop that was useless. Have upgraded to Crabtree & Evelyn’s diffuser which I love. I hear Jo Malone’s offering is also lovely- that’s on my “to buy” list. It’s such a pick me up to come home after a day at work and breathe in your favourite smell!

I have loads of exciting stuff planned in the weeks to come, all of which I’ll share with you!

Missed you!