3 x 90 minute gym workouts in just 20 minutes- yes please!

I went to visit Bodytec at Grayston shopping centre yesterday. Firstly, did you know that the shopping centre has had a major facelift? There’s even a Vovo Telo there, and the Woolies is huge and stays open till late.

Bodytec is a new exercise concept from Germany that has come to SA with branches in Jozi and Cape Town. They claim that a 20 minute session there = THREE x 90 minute gym sessions. I know, I know, sounds too good to be true, right? I chatted to one of the owners beforehand, and she made a good point by saying that now that we’re in the 21st century, why shouldn’t we have a revolutionary exercise product that saves us time and effort?

Bodytec combines personal training with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). If you’ve ever been to a physiotherapist, alot of them use this machine that tingles on your body. This is basically that machine on steroids. It feels like little pulses all over your body.

The studio is small (only 2 people can train at a time) but has everything you need- clean, big showers, change rooms, lockers and even a Nespresso machine! All sessions are done in conjunction with a personal trainer (1 of the 2 owners). They both have amazing bodies, so are definitely good brand ambassadors!

I arrived with my own gym kit on, and was told that I’d have to wear special Bodytec clothing with no underwear! This is because the clothing needs to stay wet so that the EMS can work properly. Most exercise clothing is made to dry quickly. You aren’t supposed to wear undies so that the pulses are as close to your body as possible. I was given a freshly washed pair of clothing and a towel.

After I saw what I’d be kitted out in, I was a little intimidated (read scared!) but my trainer made me feel at ease.

So you basically strap on the jacket, arm bands, leg bands and a big ass band and then you get PLUGGED into a machine. The trainer switches on the machine and you go through various slow motion exercises while the pulses radiate through your body. It definitely felt like a workout, even though it was only 20 minutes long! I am as sore today as I would be after a normal full on 60 minute workout.

It’s important to note that this session replaces any toning work you’d do at gym. You still need to do cardio and eat well to see results. However, it felt great to have done 3 gym sessions in one quick 20 minute workout.

Prices for the sessions range from R650 for a once off session to R195 per session for a year long contract.

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving away a free session to 5 readers, so watch this space!
For more info, go to http://www.bodytec.co.za/.