Octavia’s Sensorium

Like most girls, I love visiting spa’s and being pampered. I’ve been to most of the popular, well known spa’s, but I always like to visit new ones. Octavia’s is situated within Emperor’s Palace at the D’Oreale Grand Hotel and it’s trés fancy! I think part of what makes a spa great is its facilities- and Octavia’s has a fantastic heated pool which you can use for free with most treatments. What I didn’t like is that the pool area is quite dark- I like a bright, sunny space with lots of light. The change room makes up for it though, with huge swiss showers and a sauna.

I had a hot stone massage which was sublime. It was a full 75 minutes long, and all the oils that were used were heated as well making the experience even better. The massage bed had an electric blanket on it, so even that was warm! Perfect for a cold Winter afternoon. My therapist was really skilled, and gave me some good suggestions for body products that would be suited to me.

Right next door, there is Aurelia’s restaurant. The food is nothing fancy (think burgers, sandwiches etc) but the high tea spread looked fantastic! At only R85 per person, I think it is a steal. The restaurant has a really nice view of the gardens as well, making it a perfect summer spot.

For more details, go to http://www.octavias.co.za/ or call 011 928 1815.