Studio 9 at Melrose Arch

Melrose Arch is one of my favourite places to hang out at, simply because one can be assured of a good meal at most of the restaurants there. Also, the ambiance at said restaurants is usually great.

I’ve walked past Studio 9 many times, but have never been inside. I guess it is one of those places that just looks expensive from the outside. After actually paying them a visit, I realized that I had the complete wrong impression of the salon. Firstly, I thought they just did hair. Turns out they have a full on beauty spa- nails, massages, the works.
Second, their prices are quite competitive- R150 for a mani and and R290 for a cut.

All the staff at Studio 9 are really down to earth and friendly; the salon is not pretentious at all. The interior is stunning, all white with modern finishes. Expect to be treated like a princess, you’ll even be offered a glass of wine! They’re open 7am-7pm during the week, so they can accommodate you no matter what your working hours are.

Now you can’t blame me for thinking they’re expensive 🙂

This is just the front hair area. The spa is at the back, away from the hustle and bustle. All the products used are premium, like QMS skincare.

This definitely is the kind of spa that you pop in and out of, not the “full day” type of spa with a jacuzzi/ sauna etc. I think there is a market for both, and sometimes we do just need that quick wax without having to still fill in a form, change into a gown etc.

The treatment rooms are warm and inviting- check out the pedi chairs!

Look what I spotted- a poster of one of my favourite bloggers, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

I had a QMS facial with microdermabrasion (MDA). MDA is the latest in skin refining therapy. They claim that it can treat a host of skin ailments, like discolouration, stretch marks, dry skin and fine lines.

I, like most of you, am sceptical about treatments that claim “miracles”, until I actually experience it for myself. The MDA system works by pumping tiny crystals through a glass hand piece onto the skin’s surface. The fine crystal mist gently refines the epidermal layer, leaving the skin smooth and more youthful. I, thankfully, do not have any major skin issues, apart from a bit of dryness. After this treatment, there was a definite glow to my skin.

I ended off my pamper session with a Moroccan oil treatment and a blowdry. I was amazed at how my stylist was able to transform my hair into bouncy, voluminous waves.

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