Christmas in July in Parkhurst, and the Possum’s dinner that didn’t happen

Every year, I intend going to Parkhurst’s annual Christmas in July event but things never seem to work out and I always miss it. It’s usually on 2 or 3 Thursdays in July and the shops all stay open till late. This year was the first year I managed to get there. We booked a table at Possum’s- which I’ve heard SO much about and I was really looking forward to it.
In addition, celebrations were in order as I passed the CFA exam that I wrote earlier this year 🙂

After sitting in traffic on 7th Avenue, I eventually arrived around 6pm and did some shopping before dinner, which was at 7. It was great because when I go to Parkhurst, I usually have a meal and leave. I don’t often spend time browsing the stores, and there are such cool shops there! Alot of it is home decor stuff, and while some of it is expensive, there are some stores that have really affordable and unique stock. I spent alot of time in Santos and bought myself a tea box (which I’ve been looking for forever), as well as an olive oil and vinegar dispenser.

Oil and vinegar dispenser

My tea box

A random decor store- love

The street had such an awesome vibe, think gluwein and cinnamon roasted chestnuts for sale on the pavement, tons of people warking around, Christmas decorations… I honestly felt like I was in Germany during December!
Look at this beaut we found at a pet store on the street. His name is Magnum 🙂

Finally, after all that nibbling it was time to EAT. I googled Possum’s before we went, and found this (alarming) review on Joburg’s Darling, where people were complaining about the owner being drunk and hurling verbal abuse at patrons. Then, I heard from other people how delicious the food was, so I decided to try it out for myself.
Once we arrived, I asked the waiter if we could take some photos. He agreed and I took the below snaps:

Now, the last thing I want to do is vent on the eve of a long weekend, BUT…
I had barely managed to sit down when the owner came out of nowhere accosted me, demanding to know “who I was” and why I was taking photos. I explained that I was planning to blog about the restaurant. She then started saying that I could have at least came and asked her for permission (er.. woman.. I didn’t even know you were there, let alone that you were the owner). It wasn’t about what she said, it was about how she said it. I believe that people in the hospitality industry need to have a certain level of graciousness about them and this lady was anything but that.

After she left, I felt a bit unsettled and husband (who had been silent throughout the confrontation, leaving me to fend for myself), demanded that we leave. His argument was that we are paying a helluva lot to eat there (Possums is not cheap by any means) and we should spend our money elsewhere.
So, off we went, to a little known pasta place in Illovo that wasn’t anything special and isn’t really worth me writing about..
Needless to say, I doubt I’ll ever get to experience the supposed good food at Possum’s, but somehow I don’t think I’m missing out.
In other news, I’m off to CT tomorrow till Sunday. I’ll be staying at the glorious One & Only at the V&A waterfront, as well as at Majeka house in Stellies. I’m most excited about the fooood. I’m going to be eating at Reubens, Nobu, The Test Kitchen AND Terroir.
So I guess we can safely predict what next week’s posts will be about 😉
Till then, have a fab weekend, hope it’s a long one for most of you!