SPL hair removal: shaving is so 2011!

Being a female is hard work. In order to look mildly acceptable, we frequently have to endure having the hair all over our bodies ripped off. Although I know waxing is a better form of hair removal, I’ve been shaving my legs and underarms since high school- because I hate having to wait for the hair to grow to a certain length before waxing. In summer, I wear skirts and dresses all the time which means I shave every second day. What a pain!

There is an answer though… SPL hair removal, which is the very latest in laser technology.

So here’s the technical stuff…

Do not mistake this with IPL. SPL stands for Square Pulsed Light. It’s from the same family as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), but lasts a fraction of a second longer, and the light wavelength isn’t as intense, meaning it does the same job but your skin is less likely to be overheated.

These hand-held devices work by sending a pulse of light straight into hundreds of your hair follicles all at once. This particular wavelength of light specifically targets the pigment melanin. It passes through the rest of your skin without a problem.

When the SPL light hits the base of the hair, which is usually where the highest concentration of melanin is located, it is concentrated and turns into heat. The heat radiates around the base of the hair, and kills off the cells that produce the hair strand, leaving it to fall out over the next few weeks, without a successor.

All this happens in an instant. You’ll feel a hot, prickling sensation for a moment after the therapist’s SPL applicator pulses and then it will begin to fade.

I’ve tried IPL before.. I went for 9 (yes, NINE) sessions on my underarms and noticed zero hair reduction. The last thing I wanted to do was spend more money on gimmicks that don’t seem to work.

I went for one session of SPL on my underarms (about 3 months ago) and straight away I noticed that HALF the hair has disappeared. I waited 6 weeks and then did a session on my upper lip area. I also did my second session on my underarms, and saw that 3/4 of the hair was gone. The hair that does grow back is thin and hardly visible. I’ve been absolutely thrilled by the results after 2 sessions and can definitely believe that all the hair will be gone once I am done with the recommended 6 sessions.

The sessions are expensive, but it is an investment- once you’ve completed the treatment cycle (around 6 sessions, 1 session once every 6 weeks) you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only an occasional maintenance treatment (1 a year). Compare that to the cost and hassle of a lifetime of waxing or shaving.

I’ve just started with my legs, and eventually want to do my whole body 🙂 Even though it costs a lot, because the sessions are spread out over 6 weeks, you don’t really feel it.

The SPL machine is also used for skin rejuvenation, and can treat acne, blemishes and discolouration. Check out some of these before/after pictures. 

Pigmentation before
Pigmentation after

Anti ageing before

Anti ageing after

Amazing, right?!
I go to Goddessa Beauty, in Atholl Square, Sandton (next to Tasha’s).

They have 2 specials running at the moment which you can take advantage of.
1) 20% less on all treatments on a Monday. They stay open till late on a Monday (7pm) so it is convenient for me to get there after work.
2) If you pay for 5 SPL sessions, you get the 6th one free. This equates to a 17% discount, so the Monday option is better value 🙂

For a price list: click here, or give them a call on 011 783 2732.

If you do end up trying it, I’m keen to know your thoughts!