Thai massage at swanky Enmasse, in Illovo

As of October 2013, Enmasse have come on board to sponsor Jozilicious, and that means that ALL my readers get R100 off their first massage, meaning you only pay R295 instead of R395 for 60 minutes of bliss. Simply call them on 011 880 3020 and quote “jozilicious” – this code is only valid once per person 

After reading reviews on Brandslut and Joburg’s Darling about Enmasse, I was having serious FOMO so decided to go and check it out this past Sunday. Having just had my first Thai massage experience the Friday before at Cocoon, I kind of knew what to expect this time, so didn’t have to awkwardly ask my therapist for help on how to fasten my white “suit” pants.

CT peeps will be familiar with Enmasse, as it has been open in CT for about 2 years. The Jozi branch has been around for 3 months- can’t believe I only heard about it recently.

It’s situated at Illovo Junction, which seems to be developing nicely. Wolves Coffee Shop (the best red velvet cupcakes, ever) and Trabella Pizzeria are already big attractions to the centre. Enmasse is inside the centre, on the second floor. I’m not a fan of the office block type location, but they really have done a good job in transforming the area into something really stunning..

I feel like when Joburgers discover something that is “trendy”, it becomes the new place to be. Take Life in Hyde Park, and markets such as Neighbourgoods for example. People want to see and be seen at these places, and I have a feeling Enmasse is going to be another spot that will be frequented by those who love massages, which is most of us!

Enmasse definitely isn’t the type of place you pop in and out for. They have 47 different teas on offer. Some are complimentary, and others are R10. I really like the idea of relaxing over some herbal tea with a magazine post your treatment. This extends the whole relaxation experience.

I loved how slick the whole place was. I changed in a cubicle, and my clothes, shoes and jewellery were put in a suit bag. I put my handbag in a locker, and then went off to the massage area. Enmasse has a “communal” set up. It’s very cool and funky, and because you’re fully clothed you don’t really mind someone else walking in while you’re having your treatment. Each massage area is well partitioned, so unless someone really looks at you, they’re not going to see you. I was a bit annoyed when a lady’s phone rang and I could hear her whole conversation, so I suggested to the manager (who seemed quite distressed at this fact) that they make a “no cell phone” policy visible.

I loved my massage. My (male!) therapist was very skilled and hit all the right spots. I’d recommend taking one of those eye covers you get for free on the plane so that you can cover your eyes and relax more. The florescent lights look really cool, but when you’ve been lying with your head in a pillow for 30 minutes and then turn over onto your back they come as a bit of a shock 🙂

I’d definitely visit Enmasse again, maybe with some girlfriends. The partitions open up so you can share the space if you want to. I think it would be great fun to do a tea and massage afternoon 🙂

My favourite part of it is that they’re open till TEN pm everyday. I can totes see myself stopping there en route home after a crazy day at work for some instant relaxation.

Massages start at R395 for 60 minutes which I think is really good value. There are specials available, so check out, call 011 880 3020 or email