Home Movie Factory at Maboneng

If you still haven’t been to downtown Jozi to visit the Maboneng Precinct, you really need to get there soon. There’s so much to do- including Market on Main and Cocoon in the City, both of which I’ve already covered on this blog.
Yesterday, I took my team from work to the Home Movie Factory situated in the precinct.
It was such fun!

Basically it is a project of a famous filmmaker (Michel Gondry), and the Factory consists of 12 different film sets that each reflect an aspect of Joburg Life.  They range from a a downtown street to a highveld campsite to a mine shaft and JHB home among others. Participants will drive cars that don’t move, flip switches that change the time of day, go from city to countryside and play with other interactive elements.

15 people can participate at a time, and it’s all completely free. You can book on Facebook here, or just search “Home Movie Factory Johannesburg” on Facebook.  

Because we were a group of 5, we merged with another group. It was a bit random spending the whole afternoon making a movie with strangers, but it was also quite fun and we all had to get out of our comfort zones.

We brainstormed a genre, then a movie title and finally we came up with a synopsis and assigned roles.

Unfortunately there were some technical issues so we waited an hour after we had finished waiting to watch the movie, but it was taking too long so we left. I’m planning to pick it up soon and youtube it 🙂

Here are some pictures from our day- enjoy. Note that the factory is only here until 25 November and most sessions are fully booked already so hurry!