So I’m off to Mauritius later today…

Last week this time, I imagined my weekend would be spent in front of the tv in my PJs watching Suits. Now, I’m getting ready to go to Mauritius!
Thanks to amazing Stacey from (visit her blog, it’s so inspirational), I’m going on a media trip to Mauritius until Tuesday.
I’ll be travelling with 6 other journalists from SA and will be meeting up with a whole host of international journalists to celebrate the Mauritian Creole festival this weekend.

I went to Mauritius for the first time earlier this year with my hubby and absolutely loved it. We only stayed 5 days so didn’t get to do everything we wanted to, and I was delighted to see that everything I didn’t get to do then is covered in our itinerary for this trip 🙂 🙂

I blogged about that holiday in detail (read here for those posts), and it still remains one of my favourite trips to date. Mauritius is just the ultimate relaxation destination- you cant beat it in terms of value for money and natural beauty.

This time, some of the itinerary highlights are the Pamplemousses Garden (to see giant tortoises and giant lilies), Le Caudan Waterfront, a tea plantation and Port Louis. There’s also lots of partying planned, as well as an all day culinary festival. Fun times!!

I know I shouldn’t even feel this way, but I’m bummed that I’m going to experience all of this by myself without my husband. Half the fun in a holiday is sharing the memory with someone special and I feel a little guilty that I’m leaving him in barren Jozi while I’m going to be on a tropical island!

That said, I’m still incredulous (and SO thankful- to you guys, my readers!) as to how this turn of events turned me (trader who sits behind computer and works on Excel all day) into someone who gets to mingle with journalists on press trips. I’m hoping to use this trip to do some networking and I’m going to make the best of it, despite not having my hubby with me.

So be sure to check in on Jozilicious next week, I have no doubt that I’ll have tons to write and show you! Hoping to use some of my newly acquired photography skills too 🙂

Have a great weekend!