Get your comfort food fix at Fateema’s

Happy Monday! To be honest, after a bumper 2012 (where everything went, well, perfectly)- 2013 is proving to be quite challenging so far.
Work has been work. 
My dad isn’t doing so well, he is actually getting ready to go to the hospital in a few hours to have some tests done. He’s 77 now so I guess it was inevitable that his health would deteriorate, especially after a lifetime of drinking, smoking and very little exercise. Still, it doesn’t make it any easier and I feel quite helpless being so far away from home (which is PE). Anyway, I’m lucky to be part of a very close knit family and we are going to take things one day at a time, support eachother and hope for the best.

JHB has been rainy and cold all weekend, and I’ve had to haul out my Winter wardrobe. Paired with my mood, salad is definitely not on the menu. I’ve been craving some warm, comforting food. Usually I’d head to Franco’s for some cheesy lasagna, but quite honestly I haven’t been there since I started my diet almost a year ago. The combo of carbs, cheese and creamy sauces would just rack up too many KJs.

Now I have a new comfort food spot. Not that it’s any healthier than pasta, but if you keep the portion size controlled it’s not too bad. Okay, maybe it is- but I don’t care 🙂
Fateema’s in Braamfontein is a cleaner, more delicious version of Akhalwaya’s- the chip roll pioneers. I’m not sure if the humble chip roll started out to be an indian thing, because many of my non indian friends have no idea how I can get such satisfaction from chips in a roll, but it is simply my favourite indulgence. The chips have to be “slap”, and you need to ensure that they’re sprinkled with chilli powder and whatever sauces the takeaway joint has. This results in a crispy tangy warm delicious meal that just hits the spot. Of course, you have to have it with Coke to finish things off.

Fateema’s is in Braamfontein, close to where the trendy hub of coffee shops is on Juta Street. They do biryanis, curries, burgers and hotdogs, and about 10 variations of each of these. For example, you get a chicken mayo sandwich, a chicken mayo with chips sandwich, a chicken mayo with chips and salad sandwich and a chicken mayo with “the works”, which is all of the above + cheese.
I went with some people from work a while ago and ordered a plain chip roll which was amazeballs. I then went back with a friend of mine and tried the chicken mayo and chip toasted sandwich, which comes highly recommended by the owner. Also so good. I actually devoured half of it and then only remembered to take photos, which is why there is only half a sandwich in the below pics 🙂

Quite often these places that make delicious “street” food don’t have the best hygiene standards, which is a big issue for me- no food is worth getting sick for. I’m happy to report that Fateema’s is absolutely spotless, and the window into the kitchen allows you to see exactly what’s going on in there too.


As you can see, there’s limited seating so it’s probably better to get a takeaway. You can call in advance and place your order if you’re in a hurry. They’re also about to start a delivery service to surrounding companies in the CBD.

Call Fateema’s on 011 339 6106 or visit them at 18 Biccard Street, Braamfontein (off Juta Street)