Long lasting nail colour with Shellac at Soho Nail Salon

Happy Monday! I’ve got so much to blog about but time is an issue at the moment… so please bare with me for a while 🙂 I had a fab weekend, on Saturday was my BFF’s bachelorette which I will do a separate post on. We started off with a mani and martini party at Soho in Sandton City.

I’ve blogged about my favourite nail salon, Soho, before but I think they deserve another mention after winning “Best Nail Salon” in the 2012 SA Professional Beauty awards.

Quite honestly, I’m always left disappointed when I have my nails done anywhere else.

Here is what’s amazing and unique about Soho:

– There’s free wifi
– There are 3 dedicated Soho parking bays right outside the entrance at Sandton City. You have no idea what a blessing it is to be able to go to Sandton on a Saturday afternoon and find a parking straight away.
– There is a HUGE variety of nail polish. They have Essie, OPI, Shellac and others in every shade imaginable
– They only keep the latest magazines around (i.e that month’s issue). You won’t find a 2006 frayed edition of True Love anywhere.
– The entire shop is spotless. This includes towels and nail polish bottles as well. Nail equipment is sterilised after each treatment and appears brand new. I’ve been to places where I can still see the remains of the other person’s foot on the foot file- EW!
– They have BB, Apple and Nokia chargers for you to borrow and there are plug points at every nail station.
– The staff will happily run to the other end of Sandton City to get you a scoop of Haagen Dasz, a Vida coffee or even lunch from anywhere in the Food Court. You can simply add these extras to your bill at Soho
– Their pedi chairs are amazing- they heat up while vibrations massage you
– Their prices are reasonable (R180 for a mani, R230 for a pedi)
– They’re open till late (7pm during the week and 8pm Fri/Sat)
– They have drying stations with fans to dry your nails before you leave. My mani’s usually last a week because of this.
– It’s GLAM. There are fresh roses at each mani station and there was even a frikkin Jo Malone candle burning when I visited over the weekend.

Really, nowhere else even compares. Lately, I’ve been having Shellac manicures. I’m sure most of you will be aware that there are now gel polishes on the market which last on your nails for 2-3 weeks without any chips. I’ve tried Biogel and Gelish but both were very harsh on my nails and left them feeling damaged and brittle. Shellac is extremely gentle and comes off instantly with no buffing or filing. The only issue is that my nails grow quickly so after 2 weeks there’s about a 2mm gap between the polish and where my cuticles are. However, when I get a French paint done, you can’t even notice it.

Pretty, right?

If you’re keen to visit Soho, you need to book ‘cos news of their awesomeness has spread. Call them on 011 784 0370 or visit www.sohonycsalon.com