No time/money for gym? Just work out at home!

Reviewing amazing restaurants all the time has its downfalls. It is undeniably fattening. Obviously, in order to review properly I need to order a 3 course meal and there are no half measures with me- if something’s on my plate I finish it (why does this never apply to salads?!)

The only way to continue eating out without gaining weight is to bump up my exercise. I used to do yoga twice a week at lunchtime and go to the gym on weekends- I struggle to find the time to exercise during the week. However, this is simply not enough anymore.

Finally, I’ve found an exercise solution that works for me. One of my favourite bloggers, Talya from Shades of Gold shared this post on her Facebook page. She recommended Jillian Michaels’ workout videos. Some of you might know her from The Biggest Loser, but I hadn’t heard of her before.

She has a dvd called the “30 day shred”. There are 3 levels/ workouts, and each one is only 20 minutes long. You can watch the videos on youtube, but I just bought the dvd off Kalahari for a mere 100 bucks. Here’s the link.

Here’s what I love about Jillian (and working out at home):

– the workout is 20 minutes long. Everyone can fit in 20 minutes into their day. I usually start supper and work out while it is getting ready. Definitely beats an hour at the gym (+ travel time!) No more excuses.
– the workout is intense. It is way harder than most of what I do at gym. My very buff husband even pants his way through them!
– every inch of my body is sore the next day, so I can tell it’s working
– you can actually feel yourself getting stronger as you progress through the levels.
– all you need is a mat and dumbbells (I use 2kgs)
– she’s really hardcore, and keeps me motivated to finish the workout, even though I feel like I am about to throw up…
– I save on laundry ‘cos I’m at home, so I don’t need proper workout clothes 🙂

I found the below pic on Pinterest, and I am going to try her 30 day workout as soon as I get the other 2 dvds delivered from Kahalari.

Do you exercise at home? If so, do let me know what workouts you do!