Brunch with a view at Emoyeni

My Sunday Independent writing has opened up such wonderful opportunities for me, and also has exposed me to places I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. One such place is Emoyeni Estate, which I wrote about in last week’s issue.
I always like to cover good restaurants on Jozilicious as well as in the paper, ‘cos I’m well aware that some of you blank out as soon as you see newspaper typography!

I love restaurants with a view. We have so few of them in Jozi, it makes me sad. I don’t think anyone can really afford breakfast at the Westcliff- which has the best view of Jozi (maybe I’m biased since I got married there). Now there’s a new breakfast spot which we can all afford- Emoyeni Estate in Parktown.

When writing the SI story, we had some drama because I made a reservation for brunch at Emoyeni and I had arranged to meet the marketing manager who just didn’t pitch. Only after we had eaten, did he send a message with the waiter to say he was “sick”. Yes, they tried to make up for it by offering me a free meal, but that is just not good form and I was very annoyed.

Adding to my annoyance was the fact that none of the other staff could tell me anything about Emoyeni, and I was irritated with little things like having to ask for a napkin and the absence of low fat milk when I requested a skinny cappucino.

Also, the “brunch” (R260 pp) is actually a combination of “order whatever you want from the breakfast menu”, stay a while… then “help yourself to the lunch buffet”. Not exactly the sophisticated brunch menu I was expecting.

I wrote all of this in my newspaper article and the peeps at Emoyeni got very upset at well, the truth. I’ll probably never be back invited back there again but at least I’m being honest.

Now that I’ve got the complaining out of the way, I need to give Emoyeni their due and tell you that the venue is absolutely spectacular. That view!

It might be a better idea to go for sundowners.. look at that sunset!

I found the breakfast menu small well priced (R50-70). I had the ginger and ricotta pancakes which were super yummy.

Rishav (aka fusspot) had the eggs benedict but was not happy that his eggs had collapsed into his english muffin.

After that, we were quite full and couldn’t really delve into the salads and roasts that made up the lunch buffet. We listened to the live music, took some photos and then headed straight to the dessert table.

Pretty outside terrace

The front of the house

Emoyeni has been solely a conference venue for a long time, but they’ve opened the terrace to the general public 7 days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I haven’t tried lunch or dinner- the menus look good but pricey. I think breakfast or afternoon tea is probably your best bet.

Definitely a good choice for a champagne breakfast in Jozi if you’re a large group and want to spend a relaxing morning together, especially if it’s a sunny day.

If you want to read my full review of Emoyeni in the Sunday Independent, click here.
15 Jubilee Road, Parktown
011 544 6900