Delicious tea and cake at Contessa Tea Connoisseur

Living in Rivonia, I sadly don’t have any neighbourhood coffee shops to hang out at. I’m always jealous of people in Parkhurst and Linden who have tons of tiny restaurants and coffee shops to try. Rivonia used to be the place to hang out, but it has since deterioated.
There is, however, one quality spot left in Rivonia which I frequent. Contessa Tea Connoisseur is a gorgeous, quaint spot on the corner of 11th Avenue and Rivonia Boulevard. I featured it as one of my “top 5 places to get your tea fix” in the Sunday Independent. I simply love the decorations- it feels like you’re in someone’s kitchen. Perfect for a baby shower or any other girly type of celebration. They also stock a huge range of tea including the ENTIRE Twinings range. In addition, they do Tea Tastings at R75 a person.

They also sell these biscuits separately- soft and buttery… mmmm

Smoked salmon salad
Chicken and haloumi salad
Most recently, I went for lunch and to be quite honest I wasn’t blown away by the food. The menu is quite simple- sandwiches and salads. Not bad but not amazing. I think breakfast is a better bet- I enjoy that menu offering more. Note that they’re closed Sundays.

They have a whole menu… just for tea!

Chocolate coconut cake… basically a lamington in cake form. Lamingtons are my absolute favourite so I LOVED this!

Would highly recommend Contessa for tea and cake- it’s a gem!
Visit or call 011 234 6641.