With the launch of 3SIXTY liquid lounge, we now have a reason to go to Monte…

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate Montecasino. I’m forced to go there because of the theatre, but I’d never go there by choice just to hang out. The cobblestone floors f*ck up my heels, the decor is kitsch and lame and it’s always so busy. I’m well aware that many people love it.. I had a debate with a colleague the other day who claimed that it has everything he wants under one roof- restaurants, bars, movies, entertainment. I guess it comes down to personal preference- I’d prefer hanging out on 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, or even in Greenside.

However, with the launch of 3SIXTY liquid lounge, I actually think I might be frequenting Montecasino more often. I went to the media launch last week and loved it- you don’t even feel like you’re in Monte. 3SIXTY encompasses a restaurant, cigar and cognac lounge and cheese and wine room.  The aim is to take you on a molecular gastronomy journey, a 360 degree experience. Shooters are served in test tubes topped with candy floss, popping candy and peppermint crisp chips, and the food is amazing too. I feel like good food and alcohol are coming together more and more now- it seems that people aren’t willing to settle for bar snacks anymore.

You can choose if you want to sit at the bar counter (which is frosted, so your drinks stay cool), in a booth, table or in front of the show kitchen.
On the menu, you can expect to find dim sum, sushi, mini burgers and excellent entrees like lamb fettuccine with snow peas, roast plum cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings, or wok fried tempura prawns with crisp Asian veggies and wasabi mayo.

Does that look like Monte to you? No, I didn’t think so…
Rishav and I with the 3SIXTY shmodels

CIgar and cognac room


How cool do these cocktails look?!

If, like me, you’re also anti-Monte, I really think this spot may convert you 😉

To book, call 011 510 7341.

x H