Review: 54 on Bath and Level Four Restaurant

After experiencing a high tea at 54 on Bath, and writing about it in my “5 best spots to get your tea fix” story in the Sunday Independent, the guys at 54 on Bath kindly invited me back to experience the hotel for a night, and to have dinner at the restaurant (Level Four).

This year, we’ve been doing quite a few short getaways and I have to say that all of it is making me very fussy! My expectations are now very high and I’ve become quite critical of both restaurants and hotels. Last week, I went on a training course and spent the entire time complaining about the food there- if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know what I mean.

I’ve said before that I try and use this blog as a visual scrapbook of what I love. I try to blog about unique places that I want you to try, even if I didn’t love every single aspect about them. I definitely don’t blog about every average restaurant I go to, and I take my recommendations to you very seriously.

On that note, I love 54 on Bath. The lobby is all art-deco chic, and it makes you feel as if you’re in a fancy Paris boutique hotel. If you don’t stay there, you must go for high tea- it’s such a cool experience. Read about that here.

When we arrived, the valet immediately took our car keys from us and parked our car- we didn’t even see the inside of the parking lot! It was quite funny, because when we left, they brought a different car up! Rishav and I joked that if it was a Porsche or something we would have just pretended it was ours 😉

The room is decorated in the same tones as the lobby- modern monochromatic finishes oozing luxury and small, personalised touches.

Loved the Illy coffee machine- each coffee came with a mini Lindt block!

My only complaint about the room was the bathroom:  the shower was teeny weeny and the amenities weren’t labelled.. I had no idea if I was using shampoo or body wash

Before dinner, we headed up to the very fancy Veuve Cliquot champagne bar, where we each had a glass of bubbly while watching the sun go down.

The restaurant, Level Four, is really classy and is a great choice for a special occasion or business dinner. As you can imagine, I’m usually the one tasked with planning our corporate dinners and I always struggle to find somewhere that is not too rowdy but also has good food. The more popular restaurants are just too noisy to have a proper conversation. Level Four has a classy, sophisticated ambiance with an impressive menu and wine list.

Starter: quail egg and salmon salad
Starter: haloumi and berry salad with sorbet

I thought our starters were very different, but I think my preference is to have haloumi served warm and grilled, not so much in a summer salad with berries and sorbet. The concept was innovative though, I have to give them that.

Main: Yummy Mozambiquean prawns
Main: Ostrich with caramelised pear served on a bed of sweet potato mash

I LOVED the dessert concept 🙂 I can always never decide what to order off the dessert menu, because I always want to try everything– so I was so excited when I saw that their dessert menu is a trio of 3 different treats- and you can choose your flavour. I chose chocolate (obviously) and Rishav went for lemon.

Breakfast the next day was also served at Level Four. I’ve gotten tired of hotel buffet breakfasts, but I loved Level Four’s selection. They have a small buffet which is presented beautifully, and then you can order off the menu for your hot meal. The service was slower than I would have liked, but we sat outside on the terrace, and the view made up for it 🙂

My favourite part of the hotel is that there is direct access to Rosebank Mall from the second floor, how cool?!
I definitely recommend a visit to 54 on Bath, for high tea, a stayover or even just a glass of bubbly at the champagne bar 🙂

Go to  for more details or call 011 344 8500.

It may not be necessary for me to say this: but 54 on Bath is situated on 54 Bath Avenue, Rosebank 🙂