Dermalogica launches 2 new foundations*

I got sent some of Dermalogica’s new products a while ago, and I’ve finally had a chance to test them out. If you’re wondering what the * at the end of the title means, as from a few blog posts ago I am now adding a * to indicate all reviews where I haven’t paid for product, a meal/ hotel stay or where I’ve gotten a trade exchange. As always, all reviews reflect my own opinions.

Can you believe that I only started wearing makeup (apart from mascara and eyeliner) about 18 months ago. I always prided myself on being natural. Then I started playing around with a light foundation and blush, and it made such a difference so I’ve now added that to my daily beauty routine.

Foundation can look really bad when applied incorrectly, so one needs to be careful with both the colour and quantity one uses.

Dermalogica, one of SA’s favourite skincare brands, has launched 2 new foundations: cover tint for full coverage and sheer tint for light coverage. Both are SPF20, come in 3 shades (light,medium and dark) and retail at R550.

Unlike most women, I don’t have a beauty brand that I swear by. I use bits and pieces of whatever I’m sent, whether it’s for this blog or from goodie bags. I do know that Dermalogica has a great reputation and I’ve never had a bad experience with any of their products.

I was given a medium in both products and found the shades to be quite different, given that they were both medium. The sheer tint looked too light and the cover tint too dark for my skin tone, so I mixed them together and that shade was perfect.

Left: cover. Right: sheer

Cover tint:
This is a creamy foundation which delivers full, lasting coverage. Because it was a bit darker than my actual skin tone, it was perfect for the dark circles under my eyes and provided good coverage. The product also promises to balance skin tone and soften fine lines, so perfect for the eye area, with a smooth, velvety and shine free appearance.

Sheer tint:
This is a lightly tinted hydrating treatment which provides an all day sheer “wash” of colour. It also promises to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

I like a lighter coverage that isn’t heavy on my skin, and the mixture of both foundations left my skin silky smooth without feeling chunky. It also provided good coverage over my dark circles. I usually use a separate concealer here, but didn’t need to after using these products. ‘Scuse the grainy pic quality, these were selfies taken on my phone 🙂

Top: before, bottom, after. Reduced dark circle appearance without looking cakey

Before: no makeup. Dark circles pronounced and pigmentation on cheek visible

After: less apparent dark circles and smoother complexion

These products are in stock at your nearest Sorbet.