The Best Pizza in Pretoria at Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like pizza. And I don’t think there are many places who can screw up a pizza, but there are definitely are places who can make the normal pizza oh-so-amazing.

In Jozi, my favourite spot is Col’cacchio (a Strega, plus chilli please), but Rishav doesn’t like it (he claims the veggies they use are “raw”), so we don’t go there often. His favourite is Andiccio which I’m not a fan of… so he usually gets himself a takeaway from there when I’m out at an event.

Finally, we’ve found a pizza place we both love, the only problem is that it’s in PTA.

I discovered Toni’s fully furnished pizza when I was doing research for a Sunday Independent story called “3 restaurants worth the drive to PTA”. I had heard that their toppings are really unique, and that the food is delicious.

So one Saturday, we took a drive up the N1, being fully prepared (ie not eating breakfast) to try out this spot. There are 2 branches in PTA, because Toni’s franchised recently. We went to the “original” Toni’s. It’s a really cosy spot (a converted house), and there isn’t really anything else around, creating a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. We chatted to the owner and she said that everything is made to order, fresh on the premises- nothing is premade. Toni’s was established 8 years ago and has developed quite a following, with many Joburgers driving to PTA on the weekends to get their fix.

The menu looked very enticing, some highlights included Pizza – Coscia D’angnello,

Roast Leg of Lamb, Yoghurt, Feta, Olives, Mozzarella and Coriander, R89, as well as Pizza Tricolore, Smoked Salmon, Crème Frâiche, Caviar and Chives, R72.

We tried tiny portions of a few pizzas and I loved it. The crust wasthe right combination of chewy and crispy and the toppings were full of flavour, without being drowned out by cheese.

I would honestly say that Toni’s is right up there with my 3 best pizzas of all time (the best in NYC, obviously, and then Toni’s is tied with Col’Cacchio.)

Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza Contact Details:


Address and Phone number:
676 Chamberlain Street, Rietondale. Call 012 329 9000 (this is the original Toni’s)
or Greenlyn Centre, Corner 13th and Thomas Edison Street, Menlo Park. Call 012 346 5370