The Collective market in Jozi and Katy’s Palace Bar

I’m not sure what is going on, but I’ve been miserable of late. It started when I was in PE over Easter, and has continued since. I think it’s a combination of things:

1) My husband is now in complete studying mode ahead of the CFA exam in June, so he’s all like: “I can’t come with you on that free holiday/ to that gourmet restaurant/ anywhere.” He really is my favourite person to be around, so naturally I’d want to do these cool things with him- and if he can’t go, then I’d rather go another time instead of going without him.

2) Related to (1), I haven’t been on a proper holiday since December. And I’m not going to go on one till June. A new record for me, one that I’m not proud of. Travelling gives me something to look forward to, a purpose, a means to get through the daily grind. And right now, the daily grind is, well, grinding me with no light at the end of the tunnel.

This weekend I remembered for a bit what it is like to be a tourist. My friend Sam, from Get It magazine, told me about Collective- a rooftop design market which happens on the first Sunday of every month. I had heard some buzz about it when it launched in December but for some reason I thought Kramerville was in the East. Kempton Park/ Kensington… Kramerville! Turns out that it is actually in Sandton, just off Bowling avenue and about 5 minutes from my house.

So off we went on Sunday afternoon, and met up with my friend Leila, who has also blogged about Collective- read her post here.

Basically, Collective is a monthly rooftop design market, where small designers, who don’t have a retail space yet, meet to showcase their stuff. You can find anything from ceramics to clothing. The market is small, but the vibe is cool enough for me to want to go back. It’s situated on the rooftop of a design building, where various interior decorators and furniture suppliers have stores. There’s a limited variety of food on sale, but the bar seemed pretty fully stocked and the people seated on the benches looked like they were enjoying themselves.

We walked around for a while and kind of saw everything in the first half hour. Some of the clothing was YDE-ish priced, while other stuff was super cheap.

 Loved all the ceramic stuff, prices were reasonable too.

Because we went quite late (it starts at 10 and ends at 4), things were dying down by about 3:30 so we decided to leave. We saw boerie rolls and heard music across the road, but we weren’t sure if that was part of Collective or something else? So we decided to explore.

Following the music, we discovered Katy’s Palace Bar. I LOVED it. It’s a huge open art deco space with a harvest table, and guys playing live music, people chilling.. such a cool Sunday vibe. I don’t know if I’d go there to eat (I’m not a fan of harvest tables) but if I was meeting a group of friends for drinks I would definitely pop by. I think they market it as an event venue but they are open on Sundays to the public.

These looked/ and smelt really good

I make it my business to explore the new hang out spots in Jozi so I’m always so excited when I stumble across a new one- very touristy like 🙂

The next Collective is happening on 5 May, so go check it out and then visit Katy’s after.

Collective is situated at 3 Desmond Street, Kramerville, and Katy’s is right across the road.

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