Contemporary Asian Cuisine with a twist at Gwe Fey in Sandton*

A few weeks ago, I visited Midori Eco Salon in Sandton for a hair makeover and a QMS facial. Just across from Midori, I couldn’t help but notice a stunning restaurant, with panoramic glass windows and gorgeous decor. I had heard about Gwe Fey on Twitter before, but didn’t realise that it was located in the World Trade Centre in Sandton.

I decided to go and check it out and I was thoroughly impressed. They offer traditional dishes from all across Asia- from Beijing to Shanghai to Thailand. I was so impressed to see an interesting, unique menu, not just the usual green/ red curries that are usually on Asian menus.

The location is so-so, you have to enter a huge empty florescent entrance hall before you get to the “lobby” of the World Trade Centre, which is an office and lifestyle park. Go up some stairs and you’ll find Gwe Fey. Once you enter, the ambiance changes completely- it’s dimly lit and beautifully decorated. The restaurant is still quite new so it wasn’t very busy when we went, but I’m sure once it fills up the ambiance will be even better. Alongside the restaurant, there is an open kitchen so you can see exactly how the food is made.

My favourite part about the restaurant is the private dining rooms. There are about 4, and they can also open to extend into one large private area. They don’t really charge venue hire, but the total bill needs to reach a certain amount (I think it’s R2k), which isn’t hard to get to for 8 people. They even have a karaoke system in one of the rooms! And if you’re worried about service, all the rooms are equipped with a bell which alerts the waiters when pressed.

Now, onto the food. Gwe Fey are best known for their dim sum. On weekends, between 12pm and 4pm you can get 1 free dim sum for every 2 purchased. They also do happy hour- everyday between 4pm and 6:30pm drinks are half price. So the way to do it, is go at 3:30 on a weekend, order a ton of dim sum and then start drinking at 4pm- haha 😛

They’ve also got some really good weekday lunch specials available Mon – Fri from 12pm-3pm- wraps, salads and steaks for around R40.

Dinner prices are a little more pricey, but it really is worth it for a special night out. The menu comes on an iPad- how cool?! We started with the “pizza bread beijing style”, R36, pan fried crispy pizza bread, stuffed with spring onion. It was like an Asian version of a foccacia- SO GOOD. We also had the Prawn dumplings, R52 and the Tempura prawns, R72.

For mains, I had the Fried Prawns with Red Dry Chilli, R138, while Rishav had the Peking Duck Contemporary Style- this was served in two courses. I didn’t write down the price but it was quite alot- close to R200. The first course was carved crispy duck served with pancakes, shredded spring onion and hoisin sauce, and the second course was crispy fried duck meat served with lettuce. We both loved our mains, both the presentation and the dishes themselves were really something different.

I’ve never seen so many chillis in one dish before, thankfully they are more a garnish than part of the meal 😉

Carved duck with pancakes (course 1)
Crispy fried duck

Now, Asian restaurants aren’t really renowned for their desserts.. and I can’t say that this one is any different, unfortunately. We tried the green tea creme brulee (served warm!)and the mango red bean soup with mango dices. Both were different and unique, but not really to my taste. Basically what I’m saying is indulge on the starters and mains and give dessert a skip here.

So go ahead and give Gwe Fey a try… let me know what you think?

Gwe Fey Contact Details:

World Trade Centre
3 Lower Road
011 784 2283

xx H