Piza e Vino: 2 can dine with pizza and wine for R99*

Piza e Vino is one of those trusty, reliable restaurants where you can always be assured of a great meal. To be honest, I actually don’t visit these types of restaurants often because I always want to try something new, and I hate getting stuck in a routine where I visit the same places over and over again. I also avoid reviewing franchise spots on the blog, I try and keep my reviews to unique spots you may not have heard of. I’m making an exception this time, because their current special is too good not to share. 

Now that Piza e Vino has opened 5 minutes away from home, at the Wedge in Morningside, I think I might be visiting it more often on the nights I’m too lazy to cook. In the Rivonia/ Sunninghill area, there are precious zero restaurants that I’d actually recommend or frequent (Yamada sushi for takeaways probably doesn’t count), but this one is actually really pretty. They’ve set up a gorgeous patio area with a bit of a view, which is probably even nicer in the Summer.The inside has warm, wooden finishes with the retro feel that Piza e Vino has become known for, but this branch in particular just has such a nice feel about it. It feels like one of those welcoming restaurants you can feel at home in. 

I think their current promotion is awesome. On Mondays and Tuesdays, you can order 2 medium pizzas and 2 glasses of house wine for R99. I don’t think you can even get a meal for 2 at Nando’s for R99. The pizzas aren’t your usual ones either, you can expect delicious combinations like the Melrose Arch: grilled free range chicken, avo, feta, honey, cherry tomatoes and fresh coriander or La Spagnola: balsamic infused caramelized onion, chorizo and goats cheese topped with rocket. 

The pizzas taste as good as they sound too. The only complaint I had was the dessert. The dessert menu sounded like it would be great, but when it arrived it appeared to be frozen dessert that was made in advance 🙁 Taste wasn’t great either. 

Nutella tiramisu
Basil and mango panacotta

So skip dessert (probably friendlier on your waistline too), and go try out their pizza special, well worth it I think. If you go a night other than Monday or Tuesday and want to sample the rest of the menu, their chicken salad is one of my favourite restaurant salads ever- it is DELICIOUS. 

Piza e Vino has branches at Melrose Arch and the Zone at Rosebank, as well as a few branches in PTA. The one I reviewed is situated at The Wedge, Rivonia Road, Morningside. Call them on 011 783 2135.