House and Leisure Luxury Event at Le Chatelat

I don’t blog about every single event/ launch that I go to, because although they sound glam, it’s really just more of the same thing: cocktails and canapes and striking up small talk with people who are sometimes pretentious and unfriendly. Also, I don’t think you guys want to read PR talk about a specific product. 

Last week, I went to a launch that I thought was going to be along the lines of the above, but I was completely wrong. It was so exquisite and luxurious that I just have to spill the details.

House and Leisure’s annual Luxury issue is now on sale, which showcases luxurious local travel options, as well as beautiful homes, covet-able decor and creations from some of SA’s top chefs. 

To celebrate this issue, H and L held a swanky do at Le Chatelat, a private home in Sandhurst which has since been converted into a guesthouse and event venue. It is totally a Top Billing house! I actually went to check it out when we were looking for a wedding venue 2 years ago, but it was a little too small for our 60 guests. 

I have to give props to the Associated Magazines event coordinator, Jolize. You can totally see when someone is passionate about their job or is just doing it for the sake of it- and she ensured that the entire evening was just spectacular from beginning to end.

We started off with Moet on arrival, then snacked on some canapes by Vicky Crease, who did the catering for the event. It was a small, intimate affair- only about 30 people were present. Some of the celebs there included Nicole Da Silva, Dion Chang and Pabi Maloi. 

I took my BFF, Pratika as my plus 1- it was great to spend some QT together 🙂

Once we moved into the main dining room, I was blown away. I’ve NEVER seen a table set up so beautifully before. The combination of the opulence of the room and the stunning flowers was just breathtaking.

It was great networking with interesting people, and the food was delicious. We all left with a choice of Polo towels or pillow cases- forget goodie bags, these were goodie boxes! 

This was one of those events that was more special than the others, and it will definitely be one that sticks out in my mind. 

*photos all by Hanro Havenga

xx H