Fourways Farmers’ Market is really cool, especially considering it’s in Fourways…

Although some areas of Jozi are really quirky and lovely, like Braamfontein, Parkhurst and Greenside, there are other areas which I try to avoid at all costs.  These include Edenvale, Roodepoort and… Fourways. I’ve made no secret of my distaste towards Montecasino, there is ALWAYS traffic going into Fourways, even on weekends, the suburb is littered with those fake Tuscan style complexes and it just isn’t appealing aesthetically. Granted, I live in Rivonia which has gone from being really trendy (I’m talking 5 years ago) to really dodgy so I’m not much better off :/ 

Anyway, for a suburb that doesn’t have much to offer, the Fourways Farmers Market is absolutely lovely. I’d go as far as to say that if I had to design a market, it would probably be just like that. My friend Shahil from Finding Jozi said it was cool, so I knew it was worth trying out. 

It’s open every Sunday from 9am- 2pm and is outdoorsy, sunshiney, boozy and music-y. It’s like a less crowded, outdoors version of Neighbourgoods. Alot of the Neighbourgoods traders are there, including Balkan burgers, the crepe lady, the spring roll/ noodles people, the pizza guy and those peeps who sell different types of cheese. There are also some new traders- I spotted a greek lamb spit braai and we tried the taco stand- pretty good. 

There’s quite a cool kiddies play area, a separate bar area, and a large chill area too- you can actually find a spot to sit and eat your food while listening to some (albeit average) live music. 

I went with two of my friends and all 3 of us enjoyed it. Check it out. Fourways- you’ve done well. My dedicated photographer slash husband was in Durban, so enjoy these pics taken by my talented friend Pranay 🙂 

HOW adorbz?!

Address: Corner William Nicol and Monte Casino Boulevard (where the nursery and church are), Fourways 

xx H