The Best Macarons Outside of Paris*

Admittedly, bloggers get lots of perks. Invites to fab events, press trips, and cool drops from PR companies are just some of them, but my favourite perk, which adds real value and happiness to my everyday life- are the foodie perks. I LOVE trying out new restaurants for the Sunday Independent, and I would definitely not be able to afford eating out this much if I had to fund it all myself. Yes, when I’m not eating out I live on lettuce leaves and chicken breasts to compensate, but when I’m in that restaurant eating some warm, crusty bread and sipping on good wine… it’s all worth it 🙂 

The only thing better than finding an amazing foodie discovery is having one find you. Last week, I got an email out of the blue from someone who is passionate about macaron making, and wanted to know if he could drop some off at my office for me to review. Hell yes! 

So, on Friday, I had a dozen of these babies delivered in an assortment of flavours. Wow. 

Firstly, the flavours are amazing. My favourite was “Ferrero”, which had melted ferrero in the middle. The texture is a bit chewier than the world’s number 1, Laduree in Paris, and the macaron doesn’t “crunch” and then dissolve in your mouth immediately like Laduree’s, but I think you’ll struggle to find better macarons than this anywhere else in Jozi. 

I think it’s a given that someone who is passionate about macarons specifically is going to create a better product compared to a generic bakery that makes macarons just because there’s demand for it. Mohammed has worked on the art of macaron making for 6 months and is now trying to build his brand: C’est Mon Macaron. 

There are 13 flavours currently:
– Creme Brulee
– Pink Sweet Musk
– Dark Chocolate
– Choc Mint
– Coconut
– Salted Caramel (my second fav) 
– Liquorice
– Coffee
– Cardamom (third fav)
– Blueberry* (I wasn’t a fan of this one)
– Turkish Delight*
– Pistachio*
– Ferrero* (OMG this is to DIE for)

I’d love to see a Nutella flavour (hint, hint.) 
They’re priced at R120 a dozen, or if you want premium flavours, marked with a * above, they’re R130 a dozen. Delivery is free for 5 dozen or more, else you can collect from Illovo. 

To order, email or call Mohammed on 082 888 0283. 

 xx H