3 Beauty Finds I Am Loving Right Now*

When it comes to beauty and hair, I’m quite clueless. I like using good products, but I’m not really interested in learning intricate eyeshadow techniques or french braids, if you know what I mean. I actually wish I knew more, or made an effort to know more, about these things but I guess we focus our spare time on the things we are passionate about. 

I have come across a few products that are particularly *wow*, and I wanted to share 3 of them with you here.

1. Davines Oi Haircare

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I recently chopped off most of my hair. I used to have really nice hair, but when I went to Europe without any toiletries (to keep space for shopping, of course), I was forced to use hotel products which were sometimes shampoo and body wash in one! When I got back to SA my hair just wasn’t the same. The ends became matted and I had tons of split ends. I figured I needed a change anyway… so… voila! 

I do my hair at Midori Eco Salon, and they recommended I try a new range from Davines called Oi. I’ve been using Davines for a while and I really like it. I know it’s also the preferred product at Carlton Hair Salon. The packaging is nothing fancy, but it leaves my hair feeling and looking amazing. Pricing is reasonable too. Currently, Midori is running a special where you get a free leave in conditioner if you purchase a shampoo and conditioner- all 3 cost me less than R500. 

I was told that the leave in conditioner spray works better than Moroccan Oil, which has been my staple for a while. I’ve used a combination of the above 3 twice now and the results have been amazing. My hair is silky soft and smells so good. I literally cannot stop smelling it! The products contain roucou oil which has antioxidant properties, and they’re also sulphate free. Definitely sold on this one. 

2. Artistry Youth Xtend skincare

About a week ago, I tweeted that I’m looking to upgrade my skincare regime. I’ve been using Olay since I was a kid, but I guess I’m pressured by adverts and claims, and I feel I need to invest more in my skin. I don’t have any major skin concerns, apart from dark circles under my eyes, but I know I should focus on prevention from an early age. 

The problem is, after every skincare launch I go to, I’m convinced that that brand is the one for me and all others are crap. I’m a sucker for marketing talk. I ended up being so confused about whether or not a foamy facewash is okay, plus whether a face cream should be fragranced or not, that I ended up just sticking to Olay. I also wasn’t that keen to spend a fortune on skincare products when I was doing just fine before.

Finally, I’ve found a skincare brand that I just know is right for me. I went to the launch of Artistry Youth Xtend, and was given some samples to try out. I love the way the product smells and the way it feels on my skin. I’m not going to bore you by telling you about all the ingredients in the products, but they sound impressive and the product just feels right. Like, I feel pampered after I apply the serum, eye cream and face cream. It also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, so I think this is the range I’m going to be on for a while.

3. SPL Hair Removal
I’ve blogged about SPL hair removal before, but since that post I’ve had a lot more of my body lasered and I absolutely vouch for it. SPL is different to IPL, in that it is more powerful, with less negative side effects. I go to Goddessa Beauty in Sandton, where I actually first reviewed the treatment, and then ended up loving it so much that I am now a client. Loads of my friends have been for SPL there and they all love it, but I know some people have complained about pigmentation on relatively dark skin. Goddessa previously couldn’t do SPL on extremely dark skin. 

Goddessa now has a new applicator, allowing dark skinned people to safely get SPL. I cannot tell you how much SPL has changed my life. I’ve literally done my entire body, and I love not even having to think about shaving again. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s an investment. I’ve also bought a couple of Groupons for SPL at Goddessa which are usually really good value, so keep a lookout for those. 

All you feel is a zap, like an elastic band being released on your skin. On your underarms, for example, there’ll be about 4 zaps and then you’re done! Legs take a bit longer (and are more expensive too, obviously). You need 6-8 sessions and then the hair is gone- forever. No maintenance needed. In fact, after just 1 session you should be able to see a difference. 
So these are currently my beauty saviors- what are yours?

xxxx H