Stella e Luna in Parkhurst is my new favourite pizza spot*

I have a love- hate relationship with Parkhurst. It’s really the only place in Jozi where you have a “street” vibe, as opposed to going to a mall, but some of the restaurants there are really not that great in terms of food and service yet still remain packed just because of their location. Also, Sunday mornings in Parkhurst went from being really cool to just impossible, with long queues almost everywhere. 

So yes, I still enjoy hanging out there but I’ve stopped going to restaurants just because they’re in Parkhurst- they have to actually be good. 

When I heard that Stella e Luna, owned by the same people who run Cornuti (a very uppity, albeit good pizza spot in Illovo), was opening on the 4th Avenue Strip, I was quite excited. Parkhurst is seriously lacking when it comes to good pizza, and apart from Col’cacchio, I don’t really have a go-to spot for pizza in Jozi. My hubby doesn’t like Col’cacchio at all and prefers Andiccio, which I’m not a fan of, so we actually don’t end up eating pizza much. But now, there’s finally a spot we both love. 

We went on a Tuesday night and it was PACKED. They don’t take reservations, and we ended up waiting for about 45 minutes before we got a table 🙁 The bar area is quite cozy and at around the 30 minute mark we were given some complimentary foccacia and dips to ward off the hunger pains, so we didn’t mind waiting too much. The restaurant is small, but the lighting and decor are both lovely- adding to a pretty perfect ambiance. 

Stella e Luna’s menu encourages sharing, and has a tapas kind of vibe. We munched on some deep fried artichokes which were delicious- and I don’t even like artichokes. 

There’s a good variety of pizzas on the menu, and pricing is pretty much in line with any high end pizza spot – R80 – R110 per pizza. But guys. This pizza was SO good. It wasn’t just a base covered in flavourless toppings. The topping combination was thought out and the toppings seemed to be flavoured too. I had a brinjal, feta and red pepper pizza and it honestly was the best pizza I’ve had in a while. The crust was thin, crispy and slightly chewy and the pizza wasn’t drowning in oily cheese. Rishav’s pizza was topped with chorizo, red peppers, olives and cherry tomatoes and he also loved it. 

So the no reservation thing is the only reason I haven’t been back again- with my busy life I don’t really have time to wait around for a table, but when I’m in the area and not starving I’m definitely going to go back. 

Stella e Luna Contact Details: 
Corner 12th Street and 4th Avenue, Parkhurst
Call 011 447 0669

xxx H