5 ways I’ve turned my bedroom into a haven

So here’s a little confession. I love entertaining, but I’m a little ashamed of our home so I always hesitate before inviting people over because I feel my home isn’t up to scratch.
We have the necessities, but we haven’t made much of an effort to spend money, or time in making our home special. We’re hardly ever at home, and I’ve always been of the belief that I’d rather spend money on experiences, rather than things, so I couldn’t be bothered about buying stuff for the house, or moving into a bigger place. I’d be perfectly happy living in our little 3 bedroom flat forever if it meant I could travel more.
However, because sleeping is my second favourite thing to do (after eating), I’ve really tried to make my sleeping area beautiful. Here are the 5 changes I made, that you can try too, that have made a world of difference. I now look forward to getting into bed at the end of each day, and it’s particularly rewarding when I’ve had a rough day.
1. Get a headboard
No brainer? Maybe not. We only got one a few months ago, and lived with just a mattress for years. A headboard adds a great finish to our bedroom. We bought this one from @home. I love the clean, white look.
2. Make sure your bedding is pure white, and the highest thread count you can afford
Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric (and the more expensive the bedding). @home and Woolies sell high thread count bedding- try and buy the highest you can find/ afford. Buy Vanish pure white detergent so that the bedding stays white and “hotel like”. Use fabric softener. I only learnt this tip a few months ago: iron your bedding before putting it on the bed, this makes such a difference!
3. Get a bedside candle
I can’t even explain to you guys how much happiness this Jo Malone candle gives me. It’s super expensive (about R650), but lasts more than a month and the scent filters through the entire house. I light it for about 30 minutes each day, while I’m reading or playing on my iPad in bed, and it always puts me in such a good mood before falling off to sleep. I’ve tried cheaper alternatives like Charlotte Rhys, but none of them can compare to Jo Malone. Try it, just once- you’ll be hooked.
Jo Malone London Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise Scented Home Candle

4. King size pillows FTW I bought these huge-ass pillows from @home (I shop here a lot because I have a Discovery credit card and get 15% off at this store) and they’re heavenly. I can roll over 3 times with my head not leaving the pillow. I had to buy special (bigger) pillowcases which was a bit of a pain because most duvet covers come with standard size pillowcases, but the big pillows are so luxurious and really make me feel like I can flop into bed. 5. Imagine sleeping in a cloud: get a feather bed from Granny Goose It’s safe to say I’m a Granny Goose fan. My sister bought us a Granny Goose down duvet inner for our wedding and I’m in love with it. No more of that hollow fibre shizz. I simply shake the duvet a bit each night and all the feathers expand (?- not sure if this is the right word but you get what I mean, right…) and the duvet becomes fluffy again. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from work told me that she sleeps in a cloud every night. I HAD to get this cloud like contraption. The Granny Goose Feather Bed is about 10cm of soft feathers that goes UNDER your fitted sheet and OVER your mattress. I found it on their online store, died a little at the price, and eventually just bit the bullet and ordered it. Delivery is free for orders over R500, and my feather bed was delivered 2 days later. The online ordering process was pretty seamless. It was amazing on day one- I got into bed and literally just sank in, but 2 weeks later it’s flattened a bit and I think it needs to be “fluffed”, so I need to remember to do that this weekend. Check it out here. I always have a book at my bedside, and forbid even the mention of a tv in the bedroom. What do you do to make your bedroom a place you want to hang out in? Yours in bedroom bliss, xx H