Hazel Food Market in PTA is a pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday*

Given that I already spend roughly 2 hours a day on the road driving to and from work, I try and minimize driving on the weekends. Something has to be pretty awesome to lure me all the way to Pretoria.

When I got an invite to visit Hazel Food Market in Menlyn, I almost dismissed it, thinking that Neighbourgoods and Market on Main are where cool markets stopped. Nevertheless, my unending quest to find new, quality content for this blog and my newspaper column is what led me to the market- and I loved it!

Hazel Food Market takes place every Saturday at Greenlyn Village Centre from 8am – 2pm. They also do a special night market on the first Saturday of each month from 5pm – 10pm. It is definitely the biggest market I’ve been to, and it’s completely outdoors. There are mainly food vendors, but you’ll also come across some quirky stuff for the home. The food all looked amazing, and we were STUFFED by the end of the day.

I love that there’s such a focus on quality and novelty- there’s nothing that’s average or run of the mill- everything was *wow*. I particularly loved the quesadillas from Amigos- we just had vegetarian ones but the salsa, sour cream and guacamole combo was ah-maze. We then headed to the Portuguese stand and tried some authentic pasties de natas which also didn’t disappoint.

My other favourite was the cupcakes from Minkie’s Cupcake Emporium. They were super moist and looked beautiful too. I hate to betray my beloved Belle’s Patisserie- but dare I say these were just as good?

There is a huge area of tables and benches in the centre of all the stands- but these were packed. I saw quite a few people bring their own table decorations, while others even had board games! It’s clear that it’s a day- long hangout for the entire family. Kids and pets are welcome, and there is a jungle gym of sorts for the kids.

My BFF, Pratika, and I spent a good 2 hours walking around and eating (read stuffing ourselves) before ending off the evening with mojitos and champagne. We ordered takeaways for our hubbies from the “chops and braaibroodjies” + gourmet boeries stand, and feedback from the guys was very positive!  

Even though the market was bordering uncomfortably busy (not unlike Jozi’s other popular markets), we really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be back, mainly because of the variety of food on offer (and how delicious it all was), but also because how reasonably priced the food was. I often feel that food at markets is ridiculously priced, but HFM offers great value for money.

Check out www.hazelfoodmarket.co.za for deets.

x H