Essential Tips For Travelling South Africa’s Cape Region

Just like many other beautiful countries, South Africa has seen a huge rise in tourism in recent years. From stunning beaches to natural landscapes, there’s so much to experience here that a standard two week holiday just wouldn’ t be enough.

That’s why many people choose to travel across specific areas in South Africa on a road trip, so that you really get to make the most of a particular area.

If you’re thinking about touring South Africa’s Cape region in 2014, you’ve really got an adventure on your hands. The Garden Route, which goes from Cape Town all the way to Port Elizabeth, is an absolute must do.

Back To Basics

During the peak seasons in South Africa, especially at New Year, avoid popular places like Coffee Bay. You’ll have a much more cultured experience if you take an off the beaten track route, and places like Bulungula Eco Lodge will no doubt offer you one of the greatest Eastern Cape experiences. Not only does this lodge offer guided tours of the area which usually include activities, but they’ll most likely be the ones serving you at the bar when you get back too, meaning it’s very easy to build up relationships with the locals. If you’re hungry you might even be invited down to the beach to cook traditional South African cuisine with the Bulungula Eco staff!

Get Crafty

There are a number of things to discover in the middle of Eastern Cape Province, most notably the town of Cradock nestled near to the Great Fish River. Representing one of many centres of the country’s wool industry, craftsmen that work here rent rooms in their houses out to travelling foreigners looking to stay in the town a night or two. Not only have these houses been magnificently restored from the Victorian era, but there are also some interesting museums nearby, as well as the Mountain Zebra National Park and hiking trails.

Village Life

Outside of the vibrant and exciting cities, South Africa is a very laidback country, and its village folk live a simple lifestyle. So, for total harmony, peace and relaxation, make sure you visit the fishing village of Paternoster, around 100 km drive north of Cape Town. With a truly historic fishing heritage and scattered beaches that look out onto an ocean of small fishing and house boats, Paternoster offers tourists a slice of the finest South African culture. If you would like to stay a night or two there are places to rest your head, but take note that this sleepy village isn’t known for its accommodation. It is known for its glorious views as you eat lunch looking out over the beach, so experiencing the local restaurants is a must.

Take The Bus

If you want to see the real Cape, then taking the bus will bring you closer to traditional and modern South Africa like never before. The buses run every 25 minutes, and cover a huge scenic area over 14 stops. From well known attractions to the smallest vineyards, there are breathing landscapes in abundance, and that’s before you even reach the final stop!