With NoMU’s new Baking Kits, even I can bake up a storm

As much as I love cake, when a craving hits (as it often does), if there isn’t a bakery or home industry nearby, I’d happily go without than try my hand at baking. I’ve had more than my fair share of baking disasters, and apart from this being a waste of ingredients, it’s also a waste of time. Case in point: I add flour, milk and eggs to a mixing dish, switch the hand blender on full speed, and flour goes EVERYWHERE.

Sometimes a store bought cake doesn’t hit the spot, as these cakes tend to be dry as a result of being left out too long. I’ve tried a few supermarket muffin and cake baking kits and the quality just hasn’t been up to scratch. The Snowflake ones are quite good but after a day the muffins are dry. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of a freshly baked cake sifting through your home, or the taste of a slightly warm, crumbly just-baked treat, so when NoMU announced a new range of 9 baking kits last year, I immediately knew that I’d be a fan.

Launched in 2000, NoMU has built up a strong reputation as one of South Africa’s leading (and independent) food innovators. I’ve been buying their skinny hot chocolate and spices for years and I love their uncomplicated approach to cooking, as well as their consistency when it comes to quality. The baking kit range includes cakes, biscuits and muffins, with my favourites being the Chocolate Fondant, Chocolate Brownie and Breakfast Muffin kits.

All the dry ingredients are in the kit, so you’ll just need to add wet ingredients like eggs, milk or oil. There are clear instructions on what to do, making the recipes virtually fool proof. Your role is limited to mixing the ingredients together and sticking your mixture in the oven- simple as pie! The Chocolate Fondant kit even includes fondant moulds, while the Chocolate and Vanilla Cake kits include icing mix.

Jozilicious NoMU 1

Those who are more comfortable in the kitchen should not be put off the baking kits- the beauty lies in their versatility, and NoMU encourages that one experiments with the kits. For example, the Pancake Kit can be transformed into cinnamon doughnuts, while the Oatmeal Cookie Kit works great as a crumble topping. Also, there’s no end to the toppings or fillings that can be used with the kits, allowing you to customize your cake just the way you like it- add peanut butter to your Chocolate Fondant, or add fresh carrot and a cream cheese frosting to turn the Breakfast Muffins into a carrot cake.

The NoMU baking kits are Halaal and Kosher certified and retail from R28 –R48.50. For more information and to order online, visit www.nomu.co.za