The Best Pizza Ever at YOLO in Melville

I’m worried that I’m going to start losing credibility soon, because whenever I discover a new pizza place, it replaces my previous fav pizza spot and the heading of my blog post is always something along the lines of my “the best pizza”, or my “new favourite pizza”. So, my favourite pizza used to be Col’Cacchio, then Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza, then Stella e Luna, but NOW it’s YOLO in Melville.

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If you’re a good enough restaurant in Joburg, you don’t need to publicise yourself. In this city, more than elsewhere in SA, word of mouth is the best marketing tool around. Joburgers love eating good food, and if you have a quality product, an okay location and a good ambiance, you’re almost guaranteed success.

I had seen YOLO come up a few times on my Twitter feed, so decided to go and check it out for myself. Located on the not so trendy part of 7th Street, the restaurant is small and unassuming, with a simple chalkboard menu and glass-blown lights.

The owner and chef, Percy Mosedi, is one of the few South Africans to have trained in Naples, Italy as a pizza master. In his words, “if it’s round and you add tomato and cheese, it’s not a pizza. What makes a pizza authentic is a wood burning oven, organic yeast and a ‘cornicione’- the raised edge of a pizza. You’re meant to eat a pizza from the middle to the edge so that the crust can cleanse your palate and prepare you for the next slice.” I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone this serious about pizza- Percy even has a wood burning pizza oven at his home, for when inspiration hits in the middle of the night.

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What’s unique about YOLO is the fact that you can choose from a variety of crusts- sundried tomato and rosemary, olive, sourdough or whole-wheat, as well as bases- peppadew, tomato and chilli, or mushroom pesto.

I cannot even properly explain how good this pizza is. I equate the crust to the pizza version of pastry- flaky, not chewy. Crisp, not soggy- even in the centre. I opted for the Pizza Boscondo ‘All’ Lombardi, R84, coarsely chopped onions, mushrooms, fresh cream, parsley, thyme, ground black pepper, sea salt, smoked mozzarella shavings and grated parmigiano reggiano. I’ve been fantasising about it ever since and have already circulated the menu to my colleagues for our next Friday office lunch (the restaurant delivers within a 5km radius of Melville.)

YOLO Pizza Contact Details: 

Open Mon – Sun lunch and dinner. Address: 2 7th Street, Melville. Contact 011 482 7016. Visit