People of Bali: A Photo Essay

Hello everyone! After studying finance for level 3 of the CFA exam non stop for the past month, I’m thrilled to be writing again- missed it so much. As of right now, I am currently LOVING my life. I’m sitting in a coffee shop at a corner table, working on my Mac- writing articles, researching new ones, and just generally loving the fact that I’m no longer in an office.

Today, I thought I’d share some of the amazing pictures my sister took during our trip to Bali. The people of Bali are part of what makes it such a special place, have a look at these and you’ll see why.

Most of these were taken on a walking tour we did through the rice paddies. We also visited a village where we got to go into a few homes. I’ll share more details on the trip in another post, but for now, enjoy these.

We were so lucky to come across these kids while taking a walk in rural Bali. They were laughing and chasing the girls, before jumping into a shallow dam. How carefree they were struck me.
Bali kids are beautiful and innocent
Walking through the rice paddies was quite an experience. People have to work so hard there. For every 20 bags of rice they pick, they get to take one home, and that’s their payment. Sad.
EVERYONE has a scooter in Bali
Working hard in the rice paddies
More gorgeous kids
Happy eyes and happy face
That looks super heavy but she was managing just fine
During our visit to a Balinese home, we learnt that many Balinese people use their homes to work from. It’s manual labour and looks like really hard work- but no one complains and they all seem so content. It made me realise how gratifying it must be to live off the land and not be dependent on external resources
Look at that smile!
The kids are shy at first but they soon warm up
Idols are everywhere in Bali, especially in houses. It’s a spiritual place- the idols are often decorated and worshipped

All pictures by my talented sister, Ela Manga.

More from me soon.

xx H