Q&A With a Clairvoyant

Having a blog puts you out there. While this blog has brought me some amazing opportunities, I’ve also been criticized- it comes with the territory. One other thing that happens a lot is review requests. I’ve been asked to review an entire 5kg fish from a fishery, baby food, random guest lodges in the middle of nowhere, and more recently, the services of a clairvoyant.

My views on religion are pretty much non existent, but I’m yet to decide what my beliefs on spirituality are. I don’t know yet if I believe that there is life after death. Either way, the topic intrigues me, but I didn’t think it was a good fit for Jozilicious so I declined the review. The clairvoyant in question, Shivani Harie, who happens to be related to me, offered me a reading anyway, and after I got it back, I had to share it. The great thing about this blog is that it’s mine and I can write whatever I want on here, even though this is very different from my usual content.


I’m not going to share exactly what the reading said, because I don’t think you guys care about my family and my life that much, but it was freakishly accurate. My thoughts and feelings were relayed succinctly. Messages from my dad came through- stuff that no one else would really know. I was given advice for the present, as well as some insight into my future. I was freaked out and a little emotional. I sent the reading to my sister and she was also freaked out, while Rishav was a little more sceptical (although I think he secretly wants a reading too)


I was curious as to how the whole reading thing works, so I sent Shivani some questions, and I thought it would be interesting to publish the Q&A here, for those of you who are also interested.


How did you first discover you had this gift, and when did it happen?
My 1st encounter with people that have passed on goes back to my 1st memory at the age of 3. At that stage I was so afraid-  my parents brushed it off for many years saying I had a vivid imagination.
I knew from then that I had this ability but through the years I had to go through spiritual lessons on how to use it correctly.
I was given different abilities at different stages of my life and had to go through different tests to learn how to use them. Only a few years ago did it all fall into place and it had seemed like I had come full circle and was ready to use the abilities to help others.
Explain the process of going about giving a reading to someone, is it instant or can you only do it when you are “in the zone”? Can you do readings for anyone?
The best way I have found to do my readings is through email only. I have learned to switch off from being connected to the other side all the time, and only use it during readings. I need to have some ‘normality’ in my life.
I do prefer to get into a meditative state as I then get clearer messages, and it makes the experience more whole and beautiful for the client and I.
The method I use to do my readings is called automatic writing. This is an ability allowing me to produce written words without consciously writing. The words come from the clients guides that are present for each reading.
I can definitely do readings for anyone. All I require is a recent photo of the person.
What exactly do you see, the actual people as they physically looked in their past lives, or just a light, or nothing at all?
I do not physically see people that have passed on but I can see them in my mind. It’s like asking you to picture your mum and then you have an image of her in your mind.
I also pick up where they are in the room and can see what they are wearing or feeling etc. I cannot hear voices out loud. The messages come through thoughts that I have learned to know are not my own and it basically comes through in my typing. So I am not really aware of what I am typing as my mind does not fully process it as the messages come through me for the client. I also get pictures in my mind of certain things that is relevant to the client. The images are like a video clip or a photo of some sort that I describe to my clients.
How has having this gift impacted your own life and relationships?
Growing up with this gift was very difficult as people were not open to it as much as they are now. I was told to keep it a secret. As a teenager I did not realise the impact it would have on my life  and I just wanted to be ‘normal’ at times.
Then I grew up and realised that I have this ability for a reason and for many years I just wanted to put it into practice, but I was not ready. When the time came where the universe/God decided I was ready, I was not fully aware of the impact it would have on people’s lives let alone mine.
I am still blown away by all the feedback that I get from people, but I hand this feedback to the Universe and give thanks to my guides who assist me.
It has definitely strengthened my personal relationships and I feel lucky to have met a partner who fully supports this ability and encourages me to use it to the best that I can.
In the last couple of years my life has changed dramatically and I am so grateful for these changes as it has lead me to fully live my purpose and what I am here to do. The more I am in this present moment and doing what I am here to do, the more I am in flow with my life.
It has made me grow so much spiritually and the way I am now, is that I live for service to others and I have never been happier. I learnt to surrender my life to the Universe and Life and have handed my trust and faith over. Since doing this my life has opened up in so many ways and I have never felt this good and on track. So looking back I now realise everything I had to go through in my life to get where I am today, and I am so grateful.


If you would like a reading, you can contact Shivani on moksha.sa@gmail.com. Also check out her Facebook page here. Readings cost R300 and are done via email. If you do get one, let me know if you felt it was accurate. Also, if you’ve ever been to a clairvoyant or a psychic and had an interesting experience which you don’t mind sharing, tell me in the comments.



xx H