Tintswalo Atlantic: An Exclusive Cape Town Retreat

Hello there! I have a whole stack of blog posts waiting to be written, but things have picked up pace over in Singapore and all of a sudden, I’m left with very little time. Having come from a Finance background, I may have underestimated the amount of work this MBA involves. A lot of it is Finance, but I still don’t really know what’s going on. I’ve had to put in quit a lot of hours reading case studies and textbook material this week, and that’s just for assignments- not looking forward to exam time.

The work aside, I’m still having the time of my life socially- the calibre of people in my class is amazing and I love spending time with them. We have a group trip planned to Myanmar (Burma) next month, which I’m really looking forward to.

When I think back to the 2 months of luxury travel I did from June – August, it seems like a distant memory. I should have been more grateful back then, because now my life has done a 180 degree switch from luxury travel to the student life. Writing blog posts always transports me back to that trip or that experience, so I thought it would a good time to tell you about my stay at Tintswalo Atlantic.

When I arranged my CT press trip, I didn’t bother to check where the hotels I would be staying at were situated. I just assumed that everything in CT was close in proximity, so I figured that any area would be ok.

I was quite surprised when I realised that the hotel we’d be staying at for the first two nights, Tintswalo Atlantic, was situated about 30 minutes out of CT CBD- on Chapman’s Peak Drive in Hout Bay. This proved to be a bit of an inconvenience as we had dinners planned in the city both nights, but apart from that, it was actually refreshing to stay somewhere different. We always stay in the city, and staying at Tintswalo made the trip feel much more like a beach holiday than a city holiday.

Firstly, the hotel is really exclusive. You can’t get there with your own car. You have to park your car in a small parking lot on Chapman’s Peak Drive, and then someone will fetch you to take you down to the hotel, which is literally right ON the ocean, with a spectacular view of Hout Bay. It’s not a beach, more like waves crashing against rocks.


Rooms are standalone chalets, with private patios and oversized bathrooms and other nice touches like a coffee plunger and hot water bottles in bed at turndown! I would describe the decor as modern Victorian- classic but very upmarket. We stayed in the Sicily suite, one of 10 suites that each have a different theme. There’s also a super glam Presidential suite. DSC_3190I was really REALLY impressed by breakfast. Instead of having to get up to go to a buffet, the buffet was brought to us, in the form of mini platters of fruit, pastries and yoghurt. We also could pick from our choice of a hot breakfast. The lodge’s restaurant also does dinner and lunch for in house guests, but I had quite the list of restaurants to review while in CT so sadly I didn’t have the chance to try their other meals. Other great things about staying in Hout Bay: this hike we did up to the top of the Chapman’s Peak mountain, that took us FOUR hours. IMG_6715

Plus, being close to the Hout Bay market and Mariner’s Wharf calamari. Mmmmm…

IMG_6717 IMG_6720


The lodge has a homely feel but is still luxurious. The common areas, like the lounge and outdoor jacuzzi, feel very lux but not in a way where you’re afraid to USE the amenities (that happens sometimes- when things are so perfect they almost seem untouched.)

We had great service from all the staff- for example, one morning I dropped the coffee plunger and it shattered. I called reception for another plunger, and instead of just bringing the plunger, they brought me freshly brewed coffee in a (plastic) plunger- wise!

If you want to do a lot of stuff in CT CBD, I don’t think Tintswalo is  the best choice just because of travel time, but if you want something chilled and relaxed that allows you to experience a different side of CT I think you’ll love it- it gets the Jozilicious nod of approval 🙂

Visit www.tintswalo.com for more.

xxx H